Safety at School

Safety at School We live in the assumption that we are safe at work and our kids are safe at school. In most cases that is true, but when outside elements are at play we have increased risk of injury. As a proactive professional let’s be mindful of our environment and help prevent injury.

Back to School, Back to Work

Back to School, Back to Work When you think about going back to school, most people think of books, supplies, new classes, maybe uniforms, new teachers and friends. What most people don’t think about is jobs at a school. These jobs could range from Teachers, Office Staff, Administrator, Bus Drivers, Guidance Counselor, School Nurse, Librarian, […]

Holy Hot – Temperature During Work Hours

WOW, HAS IT BEEN HOT!! High temperatures go with the territory of some jobs, both inside and outside.  What are some of the “hottest” jobs that everyday folks work?  Firefighters, Police, Restaurant workers, Bakery workers, Road Pavers, Road Flaggers, Tree Trimmers (Arborists), Landscapers, Construction Workers, Excavation Workers, Roofers, Truck Drivers, loading and unloading, Manufacturing workers, […]

Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Be Covered Under PA Workers’ Compensation?

The answer is yes, if the circumstances are right.  If you work in Pennsylvania and your job requires you to drive a vehicle, or you are in your vehicle, and considered to be in the course and scope of your employment at the time that you have a motor vehicle accident, you could receive workers’ […]

5 Helpful Hints To Find A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Allentown PA

If you’ve sustained an injury at work that has kept you from doing your job and putting food on your family’s table, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation payments. However, the red tape involved for filing these claims can be daunting at the very least. Most successful claimants have relied on the expertise of […]

Staying Safe Getting To Work

For many Pennsylvanians during the winter months we experience snow, sleet, ice and rain. These conditions can make an easy commute, difficult or a challenging job dangerous. Here are a few practical tips to help you stay safe getting to and from work and even on the job too!

PA Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy and a Recent Exception

Pennsylvania workers compensation law it is governed by the Worker’s Compensation act, which has been amended and evolved over time. A primary aspect included in the Act is the “Exclusive Remedy” provision that as of February 3, 1975 made it mandatory to file a workers compensation claim if you were injured performing your job. This […]

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Allentown Pennsylvania

Allentown Workers’ Compensation Attorneys work for your rights as an employee. If you have been injured on the job, hiring an Allentown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is a necessity. They will explain all the rules and regulations associated with your claim and let you know your rights. Allentown Pennsylvania offers an excellent opportunity for you. Her […]

What is an IME? Can it affect your Workers Comp?

WHAT IS AN IME AND CAN IT AFFECT YOUR WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BENEFITS? Allentown, PA  – Workers’ Compensation Benefits Alert Chances are if you are claiming workers’ compensation benefits you may have you heard of an IME. An IME, Independent Medical Evaluation, is an examination that is scheduled by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier for your […]