How Can Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You?

Injury Report and Claim Documentation Checklist

“If it is not documented, then it did not happen” is an important legal truism that haunts Workers’ Compensation claims.

Call Robinson Law, LLC as soon as possible, Paula Robinson will help you get the paperwork right. Paula knows Workers’ Compensation inside and out with 27 years of local experience, as well as across Pennsylvania. She is familiar with Workers’ Compensation case law in Allentown, Easton, Pennsylvania and all other jurisdictions in the state. Probably the last thing you want to think about is the paperwork. When memories are fresh is a smart time to get legal direction. Talking to Paula will help you feel better and give you peace of mind.

The injury report and other documents regarding Notice of the Injury can help in the securing of the benefits you deserve. To try to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, documentation or lack thereof can make or break your case. If legal action becomes necessary, documentation can support witnesses and the particular facts of your case.

Here is a simplified example. Pretend you were sweeping the floor in the shop and stepped on spilled grease. You slipped and when you fell, your arm hit a storage rack that holds a bottle of cleaning solvent. When you hit the floor your arm breaks, the storage rack falls on you and the solvent stored there spills over your face and into your eyes. If the written report of your injury leaves out the grease spot on the floor, a key piece of information disappears. The employer, who is responsible for providing a safe workplace, may forget to mention the grease.  You can see how getting the facts right changes everything.

A record of what witnesses to your injury saw and heard can play a significant role in obtaining all of your benefits.  For instance, one of them saw the grease on the floor.

As soon as possible, write what happened to you.  Take your time, think through the circumstances. Give the notes to your lawyer, so she can ask the right questions on direct and cross-examination in court, if need be.

When the health care providers attended to your injuries, they also took a blood sample.  Let’s say you forgot to tell them that you take a small dose of a painkiller for your knee.  The blood test reveals a narcotic in your blood.  So now, the health care provider’s recorded observations of you become even more important. Did the provider mention your speech was not slurred nor were your eyes dilated?

In all instances of a workplace related injury, documentation is legally required.  Want help to effectively manage the documentation needed to support a just and speedy resolution of your injury experience? Contact Robinson Law, LLC.

Talking to Paula reduces your stress on the road to a speedy recovery from your injury(s).  Forget about the money, no recovery, no fee.  Again, if it is not documented, it did not happen.