Safety at School

Safety at School

We live in the assumption that we are safe at work and our kids are safe at school. In most cases that is true, but when outside elements are at play we have increased risk of injury. As a proactive professional let’s be mindful of our environment and help prevent injury.

In 2014 PA residents spent much of February battling freezing temperatures and frozen pipes.  However at schools and daycares they also had to be mindful of the sprinkler systems. One PA school had a sprinkler pipe burst causing a leak in the drop ceiling. Fortunately the children were moved to another room before the ceiling collapsed and the water rushed into the classroom. Yes, this is an extreme case while most other schools battled frozen pipes in bathrooms and locker rooms.  Aside from the hassle and cost of cleanup, this can be a real danger especially someone is hurt.

Coming off of one of the worst winters on record with the predictions of 2015 to be worse, several safety issues come to mind.  There were many stories of burst pipes in homes and schools causing water damage, wet floors, short circuits and more. Let’s plan for a safe 2014-15 school year and stay safe.

  1. Icy Road Conditions
  2. Freezing Pipes
  3. Slippery Sidewalks
  4. Loss of Power

Remember science class? That chemistry closet still makes me nervous. What if something spills or mixes with the wrong substance.  Not only can it be dangerous, but it can be explosive and harmful. In the beginning of each year ensure you and your students know the safety drills, location of the fire extinguishers, and all the dangerous materials are under lock and key!

The best way to practice safety at school is to follow the rules for the staff and the students!