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Back to School, Back to Work

Back to school and work

Back to School, Back to Work

When you think about going back to school, most people think of books, supplies, new classes, maybe uniforms, new teachers and friends. What most people don’t think about is jobs at a school. These jobs could range from Teachers, Office Staff, Administrator, Bus Drivers, Guidance Counselor, School Nurse, Librarian, Food Service, Inside and Outside Maintenance Workers, and Janitors, to name a few. Along with work, comes work injuries at school that could happen in a wide variety of ways.

Work injuries at school can and do result on a daily basis through slip and falls, faulty equipment, cuts, burns, broken bones, twisting the wrong way, etc. For example, when working in a school kitchen, there are huge pots and pans, as well as cutlery and utensils. Also, the floors tend to build up grease if not cleaned up immediately. Picture this, a food service worker is transferring a big pot from a shelf to the stovetop, which is also really industrial sized too, in doing this, she slips on grease, drops the pot on her legs, wrenches her low back and bangs her head on the corner of the stovetop. Whether the incident is witnessed or not, she needs to immediately report the injury to a supervisor or boss, insist on filling out an Injury Report. She next needs to seek medical treatment with one of the employer’s panel physicians, or if the employer does not have a list of panel providers, she should go to one of her doctors or an emergency room. With the selected medical provider, she should give a detailed history of how the injury occurred, what body parts were involved, and report her symptoms.

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