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PA Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy and a Recent Exception

Workers compensation exceptions

Pennsylvania workers compensation law it is governed by the Worker’s Compensation act, which has been amended and evolved over time. A primary aspect included in the Act is the “Exclusive Remedy” provision that as of February 3, 1975 made it mandatory to file a…

Heat & Weather Related Work Injuries

weather related work injuries in PA

Everyone is entitled to a good working environment as well as a safe working environment. This includes safety with equipment as well as safety with weather related injuries that occur at work. There are many different scenarios at work that can cause a weather…

Specific Loss Claims Under PA Workers’ Compensation

workers comp claiming tips

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Worker’s Compensation Act allows payment of compensation for loss (amputation)or permanent loss of use of body parts, binaural hearing loss of greater than 10%, disfigurement, and loss of vision in one or both eyes. This particular compensation is…

Slips and Falls on Ice and Workers Compensation

dangers of a slip and fall on ice

During winter, un-cleared sidewalks and parking lots cause many slips and falls on ice. If you have experienced a fall either coming from or going into work walking on a sidewalk or parking lot are you eligible to collect worker’s comp benefits? A good…

Fatal Workers Compensation Claims

fatal workers compensation

An absolute tragedy recently occurred in a Tuna Plant when a worker died after accidentally being cooked in an oven in California.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Here is the link to the story Most times, we hear of work…

Workers Compensation Case Or Not. We All Get Hurt

pa workers compensation

I recently had a mishap and brushed it off without obtaining diagnostic studies.  I treated conservatively and when I wasn’t getting better and had definite loss of range of motion, I had x-rays and an MRI performed.  It turned out that I had two…

Evidence To Cover A Workers Compensation Claim & Enforce Corporate Safety

evidence for workers comp claim in pa

Have you ever seen safety hazards at your workplace? Ever wonder what to do about them? Here are some quick tips to keep you safe at your workplace in case you ever need to file a workers compensation claim. It might be a wet…

2011 Concussion & Cervical Spine Injury Symposium Of Bucks County Extremely Informative

Concussion & Cervical Spine Injury

On September 20, 2011, an extremely important and informative  Symposium co-sponsored by Princeton Brain and Spine Care, Bucks County Recreation Council, and the Bucks County Sports Commission featuring a panel of doctors, athletic directors, and helmet manufacturers was presented.

Can You Guess The Top Dirty Jobs in U.S.A?

dirty jobs in american

The Discover Channel showcases some of the dirtiest jobs out there, in various categories.