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Slips and Falls on Ice and Workers Compensation

During winter, un-cleared sidewalks and parking lots cause many slips and falls on ice. If you have experienced a fall either coming from or going into work walking on a sidewalk or parking lot are you eligible to collect worker’s comp benefits? A good workers compensation attorney will be able to sort out the facts and let you know whether you are eligible or not.

Eligibility depends on a lot of factors. Does your employer solely own the parking lot or sidewalk, or is it part of a multi-business building that is maintained by someone other than your employer? Also, is there more than one entrance to the building giving you a choice of a clearer path?


There is a rule in worker’s comp known as the “coming or going” rule that may prevent you from being able to collect any worker’s comp benefits. This rule states that if you have an accident on the way to or out of work, you may not be eligible because this travel – either in a car or on foot – is not part of your normal employment. However, if you are traveling because you are on a job related assignment, the answer may be different.



The liability for a slip or fall will depend on many blurred and situation specific conditions of the event. Again, the best thing you can do is to contact a workers compensation attorney that knows specific rules governing slips and falls on ice.

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