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Heat & Weather Related Work Injuries

Everyone is entitled to a good working environment as well as a safe working environment. This includes safety with equipment as well as safety with weather related injuries that occur at work.

There are many different scenarios at work that can cause a weather related injury. If you are injured at work and believe that it was due to neglectful business practices, you will want to contact an attorney. If you are located in Eastern Pennsylvania you will want to contact Robinson Law.

If you are working outside in the summer and the temperature is high, you can suffer from heatstroke. This can be prevented if your employer is taking precautions with your health. He or she should be providing you with enough fluids to keep you hydrated while at work. You should be able to take frequent breaks so that your body does not begin to suffer from the exposure to the sun.


Employers have a responsibility to their employees. This is why it is important to ask questions about their policies and procedures if you’re taking on a job that will expose you to the elements. The same can be said about being exposed to unnaturally cold temperatures. Many employees work outside with towing, plowing, and on utility poles.


People who are exposed to extremely cold temperatures can begin to suffer from hypothermia and would require medical attention. Frostbite is also something that can happen and is easily preventable with company supplied insulated clothing. There should be somewhere that you can go to warm up your body when you begin to feel that you becoming too cold. It is an employer’s responsibility to keep their employees safe and healthy while at work. Failure to do so can, and should, result in a Worker’s Comp case.

Workers Comp Cases

wage lossA Worker’s Comp case can be difficult without the right lawyer. Many employers are deliberately neglectful in their responsibilities to their employees and some employers are simply uneducated on what their employees require. Neither of these are a reason for an employee to suffer lost wages while recovering from illness or injury that is a direct result of the employer.

Choosing A Workers Comp Lawyer

Choosing a Workers Comp lawyer does not need to be stressful. Instead of wasting time trying to find a lawyer that will best be able to represent your needs, you can simply visit the website of Robinson Law. There you will deal directly with Paula Robinson, founder and attorney, about your needs. She has 26 years of experience practicing law in Pennsylvania and will not take a fee if you don’t win your case. No one knows Workers Compensation law as well as Paula Robinson. Her firm should be the first one you think of when you have Workers Comp needs.