Added Benefits to Serving as a Volunteer

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is geared to be, for the most part, charitable and caring to the injured worker.  A perfect example of this is the section of the Act dealing with volunteer workers.  In Pennsylvania, volunteer emergency workers, including volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance workers, and even volunteer forest firefighters are included as […]

The Breakdown of Burden of Proof in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

A work injury claim form on a piece of paper with a pen.

Every aspect of PA workers’ compensation has a burden of proof to be met.  For the injured worker, the Petitions to be filed to begin to receive or start receiving again workers’ compensation benefits are the Claim and Reinstatement Petitions, respectively.  Each will be explained along with the burdens of proof required for each.  For […]

Pennsylvania’s Version of the 10 Most Deadliest Jobs

A recent article put out by Forbes listed the 10 most deadliest jobs in America.  All of the jobs are also performed in Pennsylvania.  These include landscaping, lawn service and grounds keeping; electrical power line workers; agricultural workers; truck drivers, including drivers and sale workers; metal and steel workers; trash collectors; roofers; aircraft pilots; fishing […]

Which Court do I go through for my Workers’ Comp Claim?

According to the PA Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations, and Statutes, an employee is not permitted to sue his or her employer.  Filing a workers’ compensation claim is the way to pursue a claim against the employer for a work-related injury.  There is, however, an exception referred to as the dual-capacity doctrine that permits the […]

How to Spend a Lump Sum Settlement

If you have been injured on the job and have been offered the option for a lump sum settlement in your case your next step might be to figure out what’s next. Consulting with a financial advisor is always a good idea for your long term goals and financial stability. But don’t forget to think […]