Pennsylvania’s Version of the 10 Most Deadliest Jobs

A recent article put out by Forbes listed the 10 most deadliest jobs in America.  All of the jobs are also performed in Pennsylvania.  These include landscaping, lawn service and grounds keeping; electrical power line workers; agricultural workers; truck drivers, including drivers and sale workers; metal and steel workers; trash collectors; roofers; aircraft pilots; fishing workers; and logging workers.

Out of these jobs in PA, transportation, including truck drivers, drivers, and sale workers, had the highest reported amount of injuries in 2015, with 12,318.  The lowest of these is the fishing workers, with only 6 reported injuries in 2015.  Also, worth noting is the category of “manufacturing”, including all subcategories reported 22,291 injuries according to the 2015 Annual Report by PA Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Safety Report.

To see the article with video, click this link.