Workers’ Compensation Fraud by Employers

If there is one theme that unifies all parties involved in workers’ compensation, that subject is the desire to remove fraud. Whether it is attempted by the employer/insurance firm or the employee, there is no room for fraud in the system and authentic efforts to remove it are valuable. Thirty-four states have fraud policing in […]

Workers’ Compensation Litigation Is Complex – Get A Lawyer

To “litigate” is to take action against something. It is a legal way of attempting to settle controversies among disputing parties. It can be injured workers taking legal action against their employer or a company filing a case against another company. Workers’ compensation litigation can be complex, and a confusing process for injured workers, who […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Safety Training

The main goal of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Safety Training is to reduce the number of occupational injuries, illnesses, and ensure workers a safe and reliable working environment. The advantages of work place safety training include, but are not limited to: • Reduce work-related injuries• Improve the work environment• Promote health and safety on the job• […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Laws

Understanding the Pennsylvania’s Worker’s Compensation Act can help you get the coverage you need when an injury causes lost wages, disfigurement or need for medical treatment. The list of important facts about workers’ compensation below will help you understand your position, so you can feel confident in your employment situation.

How Paula Robinson Makes a Difference in Workers’ Compensation

Paula Robinson has in-depth substantial knowledge and experience in litigating Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases. Currently she concentrates on representing all types of injured workers, since that’s where her passion lies. Paula, therefore, applies her understanding of this section of the law to serve her present clients who are totally disabled or injured workers. She works […]

Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims? Here’s Why

Injured workers are entitled to compensation for their accepted work injuries, including lost wages and medical treatment. If your Claim is denied, the process of filing a Claim Petition can be involved, lengthy and financially stressful. While some claims are straight forward and easily accepted, as the injury is so obvious, there are times when […]

What Happens at a Workers’ Compensation Mediation

If you suffer a work injury, and your case goes before a Workers’ Compensation Judge, [this usually happens if there are issues being argued about, such as non-payment of wage or medical benefits], you will have the opportunity to “mediate” your case through either a Voluntary Mediation or a Mandatory Mediation.  Why would you want […]

Workers’ Compensation Claim Deadline

Have you or someone you know been at work and twisted the wrong way, tripped, fell, or suffered some type of work injury and simply go home thinking it will get better, day after day, and self-medicate with no eventual relief. Let’s face it, most of us need to work and get a paycheck to […]

Step By Step Guide To Filing Workers’ Comp Claims

When you face an injury related to your employment the results can be overwhelming, from the physical to financial upheaval. This is why workers are always advised to file for Workers’ Comp Claims immediately when they learn of the injury. The claim is not only meant for accidents but also illness that may develop due […]

How to Spend a Lump Sum Settlement

If you have been injured on the job and have been offered the option for a lump sum settlement in your case your next step might be to figure out what’s next. Consulting with a financial advisor is always a good idea for your long term goals and financial stability. But don’t forget to think […]