What is a Workers’ Compensation Statement of Wages?

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Statement of Wages A Workers’ Compensation Statement of Wages is a document prepared by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier based on your past earnings, the type of employment (seasonal or non-seasonal), and length of employment. Because of these variables, there are various ways to calculate your wage earnings. The Statement of Wages (SOW) […]

What is an URO?

What is a URO? Also known as a Utilization Review In Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law, a Utilization Review, also referred to as a URO is a process used by the workers’ compensation carriers to challenge the reasonableness and necessity of medical care and treatment provided to the injured worker.  In Pennsylvania, when medical treatment is […]

What is “Donate Life”?

Did you know in the United States of America April is designated as National Donate Life Month! To celebrate, let us explore more about the non-profit organization Donate Life America and what it could mean for the residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “Donate Life Pennsylvania is a collaborative initiative between Gift of Life Donor Program (GOL), the […]

PA Workers’ Compensation Employee Rights Scenarios


Employee Legal Awareness Day was established by an Australian lawyer, Paul Brennan. His aim was to emphasize the importance of legal education for employees and small businesses and reduce their risk of legal problems. The day isn’t only about laws though, Brennan also suggests that employees should increase their awareness of their company’s policies. According […]

Re-entering the Workforce After a Work Injury

Life After a Work Injury A work injury can oftentimes alter a person’s career path. Recovering from a work injury is not always easy. January is commonly known as a month of new beginnings, a fresh start or clean slate. If you or a loved one has suffered a work injury, these phrases may have […]

Added Benefits to Serving as a Volunteer

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is geared to be, for the most part, charitable and caring to the injured worker.  A perfect example of this is the section of the Act dealing with volunteer workers.  In Pennsylvania, volunteer emergency workers, including volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance workers, and even volunteer forest firefighters are included as […]

Post-Hurricane Season – Lessons Learned for Future Preparedness


This year North America had a very active hurricane season leaving us to look back and ask the questions, what can we take away or do differently to prevent loss of life, excessive property damage and to ensure a quick recovery post-natural disaster. Having a plan prepared for the unlikely event of a disaster, with […]

3 Simple Reminders of Traffic Safety

As a workers’ compensation law firm in Pennsylvania we know that there are a lot of dangerous jobs revolving around the construction, upkeep, and monitoring of traffic throughout the Commonwealth.  Not only can your morning or afternoon commute be dangerous for you as a driver but it can be extremely dangerous for those working on […]

Ethics of Claiming Income & Working Legally

If you follow our blog you may have seen the blog about bartenders and jobs that rely on tips for income. No only is it illegal to not report your tip earning, but you also run the risk of insufficient wage loss benefits in the event you have a work injury. Let us explain why […]

Cashing Out as a Bartender – It Pays

“It’s five o’clock somewhere!” a popular expression among adults after a long day or heading into a weekend. In America, globally for that matter, it is not uncommon for people to gather at local watering holes, aka a bar or pub, for happy hours, a quick drink and other social activities. To help business, many […]