3 Simple Reminders of Traffic Safety

As a workers’ compensation law firm in Pennsylvania we know that there are a lot of dangerous jobs revolving around the construction, upkeep, and monitoring of traffic throughout the Commonwealth.  Not only can your morning or afternoon commute be dangerous for you as a driver but it can be extremely dangerous for those working on the road, especially with the increase in distracted driving incidents.  

August is National Traffic Awareness Month. So we are taking a look at a few ways to improve safety for traffic and those workers who make our roads and bridges possible.  

1) Slowdown in Construction Lanes

Did you know in the state of Pennsylvania the fines are doubled in active construction zones with additional license penalties? According to PennDOT, “87 PennDOT employees have lost their lives in the line of duty since 1970” which is a testament to the importance of caution in work zones.

It may feel like we are all short on time but we must not multitask while driving and slow down to keep everyone safe. Together we can make sure we are all safe and that no one causes an accident that puts drivers and road workers at risk.

2) Keep Your Eyes on the Road

If you have watched TV in the last couple years, then chances are you have seen the commercials and marketing campaigns to encourage people to stop texting and driving. The imagery and aftermath is tragic and real. Sadly, not everyone listens.  

Taking your eyes off of the road even if just for a few seconds can be life-changing.  Your text message can wait.

3) Practice Patience

Being busy, running short on time and then being stuck on Route 76 heading in to Philadelphia or on 309 or 78 heading towards e Lehigh Valley is beyond frustrating.  But allowing yourself to get stressed out over something you cannot control will just make you more frustrated and your driving erratic. Either way it won’t get you anywhere faster. So sit back relax, listen to the radio… this (traffic)  too shall pass.

These three traffic tips might seem trivial or the obvious suggestions ,but they are critical when it comes to safety. As long as we still have accidents caused by distracted driving, speeding or carelessness the reminders are necessary. In 2014, PennDOT reported, “121,317 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania. These crashes claimed the lives of 1,195 people and injured another 79,758 people.” and “On Average in Pennsylvania: Each day 332 reportable traffic crashes occurred (about 14 crashes every hour).  Each day 3 persons were killed in reportable traffic crashes (one death every 7 hours).  Each day 219 persons were injured in reportable crashes (about 9 injuries every hour).” Accidents happen but many of them are preventable by following these 3 traffic tips!

Roads are constantly under construction during the summer and fall months and in Pennsylvania alone there are 4,506 bridges that are classified as structurally deficient, or a whopping 20%, according to a report earlier this year from The American Road & Transportation Builders Association.  The only state that has a higher percentage is Iowa. With so many bridges in need of significant repairs you can only imagine the delays, accidents, and potential injuries that can happen.  

During road construction and bridge maintenance here are all of the people at risk of a work related injury:  equipment operators, truck drivers, construction workers, police officers, traffic directors, gas/electric/water company workers, bridge repair workers and more.

When most people think about the word “traffic” they likely think about being in vehicle traffic or being stuck in traffic, but traffic is not just contained to automobiles.  There is also boat and air traffic – another topic for another day.  

Until then, keep your eyes on the road, obey the safety laws and together we can prevent unnecessary traffic accidents.