What is an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)? »

What is an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)?

Workers' Compensation

What is an IME?

An Independent Medical Evaluation, also known as an IME, is scheduled by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier to evaluate the injured workers’ current medical status.  This medical exam is performed by a doctor, relevant to your injury, selected by the insurance carrier – which is ‘independent’ from the doctor currently treating you. So, for example, if you have a back injury and are treating with an orthopedic surgeon, you would be sent to an orthopedic surgeon.

Independent Medical Evaluation

An IME is typically requested when the workers’ compensation carrier is looking to settle a case or stop benefits. You can expect to be notified via certified mail and regular mail with this request.

The IME is not optional and you must attend the same, with a rare few exceptions.  If you fail to attend the scheduled examination, the workers’ compensation carrier will hire a lawyer and they will file a Petition to Compel you to attend the exam. Most Workers’ Compensation Judges will grant the Petition, as the workers’ compensation carrier is entitled to have you examined.

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