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At What Point Is It Necessary To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

when to hire a workers comp lawyer

The timing of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can happen at any time….in most cases sooner is better.  After your work injury has occurred and you give timely “Notice” to your employer of the same, many different scenarios can take place.  Your work injury…

PTSD and Workers’ Compensation in PA

PTSD in the workplace

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a mental health condition that may occur at any point of time after you have witnessed or experienced a significantly traumatic event. PTSD in the workplace is more common than one might think, especially if a work injury…

Negotiating a PA Workers’ Compensation Settlement

negotiate a workers' compensation settlement

Once you begin receiving your workers’ compensation wage loss and medical benefits, it will only be a matter of time until your employer and their workers’ compensation carrier will take steps to try and stop your compensation benefits or try to settle your claim…

How Legal Marijuana Will Affect Workers’ Comp Cases in PA

Legal Marijuana Will Affect Workers' Comp Cases in PA

Pennsylvania legalized the use of marijuana for medical reasons in 2016. However, the rules related to legal marijuana and workers’ comp benefits are still not very clear. Treatment Categories are Open to Interpretation PA’s Medical Marijuana Act specifies the medical conditions for which marijuana…

When is a Forced Resignation OK in PA?

forced resignation

When is a Forced Resignation Ok in PA? It is against the law for employers to force injured workers out of their jobs because they suffered a work injury and are pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.  In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation provides both wage loss benefits…

Giving Notice To Your Employer About Your Work Injury

notifying your employer of your work injury

GIVING YOUR EMPLOYER NOTICE OF YOUR WORK INJURY All types of work can involve potential work injuries, even desk work.  It can be a small injury or a life-altering event.  If you or someone you know has suffered a work-related injury or occupational illness,…

Nurses in Pennsylvania Are at a High Risk of Workplace Injuries

nursing work injuries

Nurses in Pennsylvania Are at a High Risk of Workplace Injuries Nurses working in Pennsylvania’s hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities have a tough job to do. They provide a high level of care to the elderly and sick which can sometimes be…

Construction Workers in Pennsylvania Operate in Hazardous Conditions With a Risk of Severe Injuries

construction work injuries

Construction Workers in Pennsylvania Operate in Hazardous Conditions with a Risk of Severe Injuries Although Pennsylvania ranks sixth in population, it has the third highest rate of workplace injuries. Construction workers in PA have a high risk of severe injuries, since their job is…

Supersedeas Can Effect your Workers’ Comp Benefits

workers compensation petition

WHAT IS SUPERSEDEAS AND HOW CAN THIS AFFECT YOUR PA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BENEFITS? You unfortunately had a work injury, but the good news is that your injury has been accepted by the workers’ compensation carrier, and you are receiving wage loss benefits, as well…

What is a Workers’ Compensation Statement of Wages?

Workers' Compensation

A Workers’ Compensation Statement of Wages is a document prepared by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier based on your past earnings, the type of employment (seasonal or non-seasonal), and length of employment. Because of these variables, there are various ways to calculate your wage earnings….