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The Value of Taking Time Off This Summer

Whether you take a vacation or a short personal day – taking time off from work is a must! As a resident of Pennsylvania we experience four seasons a year and when the summer months roll around we know it is time to take a break.

The benefits of taking time off seem to be endless, yet it is something we as Americans do not do enough. We average a longer work day and shorter vacations.  Here is a friendly reminder that taking a break, a personal day or an actual vacation has health benefits and productivity benefits – so go ahead and take a long weekend and do something fun around Pennsylvania.

  1. Pennsylvania Trails

PA has hundreds of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. Grab a map or an app and get out there!

  1. Kayak on a LakeEastern PA has dozens of public accessible lakes to visit. Rent a canoe, kayak and spend the afternoon peaceful with nature on the water.
  2. Camp or Picnic in a ParkIf you haven’t camped yet – it can be a blast if you don’t mind being outdoors and without some amenities. For those that aren’t ready to spend the night – a picnic can be just as fun and relaxing.delaware river gap
  3. PA Grand CanyonA beautiful day trip vacation spot – bring your camera!
  4. Bushkill FallsWaterfalls in PA that are local and picture perfect. It’s practically in our backyard, so take the time to enjoy.

Remember that your time off will help you to recharge your battery, free your mind from your lists and projects, disconnect from the emails and phone calls which are now all too accessible and the best part – just enjoy!