How Opioids are Affecting Workers’ Comp in PA

Research has shown that injured workers who are administered higher doses of opioids for pain relief end up spending more time off work following their injury than those who are prescribed low-dose or non-opioid painkillers.  The National Safety Council has cited a study which revealed that administering opioids for one week soon after a worker’s […]

What you should do if you are injured during an emergency at work?

If an emergency such as a fire, toxic gas leak or chemical spill occurs at your workplace, causing you an injury, removing you to a safe place (away from the hazard) should be the first task of the employer. Do you know what to do if you are injured during an emergency at work? The employer […]

Hydration at Work During Summer Months in PA

Many areas in Pennsylvania experience high temperatures in the summer months. Although doctors advise people to minimize heat exposure in these months, many PA workers don’t have that option. Staying hydrated at work isn’t always as easy as it seems. Making sure that workers are sufficiently hydrated is one of the most effective ways to […]

5 High Risk Injury Jobs in PA

Injuries at the workplace can range from minor to severe, and the risks can vary depending on the nature of the job. Workplace injuries can be serious, affecting the victim’s quality of life as well as reducing their ability to earn wages for a period of time, or even permanently in some cases. Here is […]

When Should I Seek Help from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation for injuries or illnesses that occur at work is often best obtained when you have competent legal representation. You should contact a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer if: Some workers mistakenly assume that they can easily handle a legal situation like this on their own. While you can represent yourself case before a Workers’ […]

Chiropractic Connections

Without our health, it is difficult to enjoy all life has to offer. So, when a serious work injury happens and you’re unable to work, earn an income, or do simple tasks it can take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. October was National Chiropractic Health Month and it got me thinking about […]

Road to Recovery With Physical Therapy After A Work Injury

After a work injury, one may have body aches and pain, loss of range of motion, and even loss of function of certain body parts, such as hands, arms, feet, or legs. In an effort to heal and move on many injured workers turn to physical therapy.  In conjunction with treatment by a physician or […]

Workers’ Compensation Fraud by Employees

Most employers know too well the importance of workers’ compensation insurance. Should an employee get injured while on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance will take care of the medical bills and the lost wages while he or she recovers. The employee should not be worried about losing a livelihood if he or she reports […]

Injured Worker Rights with Workers’ Compensation

In Pennsylvania, the various differing natures of work and work environments pose many dangers to employees. This exposure to risk can result in physical and even mental injury to workers. Statistics in the United States reveal many recorded cases of injured workers that occur in different economic sectors. However, many employees who work these jobs […]

Choosing Your Dr. and Health Care Providers For Your Work Injury

Okay, so you had a work injury, and thankfully your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance is covering your medical bills and your lost wages. How do you know who to treat with? Well… Pennsylvania, all employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover their injured workers. Also, employers are supposed to have […]