Manufacturing can take place in massive plants to mom and pop small shops. Think about all of the products, foods and beverages that are manufactured….all of our clothes, shoes, wood and paper items, computers, phones…..the list goes on and on.


There are 1000’s of warehouse workers across PA, and no matter what they house, injuries routinely occur.  These can be slip, trip, and fall injuries at the same level or elevated levels.  Also common are forklift and similar equipment injuries, as well as lifting injuries. Workers Compensation Attorney Paula Robinson is familiar with these types […]

Specific Loss


In the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, there are general provisions that allow the payment of compensation for amputations or permanent loss of use of body parts, some loss of hearing and loss of eyesight, and certain disfiguring scarring. These provisions are referred to as specific loss. It is possible that if you have a work […]