Manufacturing can take place in massive plants to mom and pop small shops. Think about all of the products, foods and beverages that are manufactured….all of our clothes, shoes, wood and paper items, computers, phones…..the list goes on and on.

Hundreds of thousands of people work in these warehouse and manufacturing environments everyday and they all have certain hazards, some unique, some not, related to their jobs. According to “the balance careers”, some of the more popular job titles are Fabricator, Welder, Assembler, Expediter, Boiler Operator, Bookbinder and Bindery Worker, and Fiberglass Laminator/Fabricator. For a complete list, see

Some common job titles in the warehouse industry include Warehouse Picker, Inventory Counter, Material Handler, Machine Operator, Forklift Operator, Production Worker, Truck Loader, Production and Logistics Leaders, and Quality Assurance Managers.

An inherent risk also involved with manufacturing and warehouse work is that most often the workers have a quota that must be met in order to keep their jobs. With that quota comes anxious rushing, not paying attention to safety guidelines and/or body movements and placement, and the increased chance of on-the-job injuries

A wide variety of injuries can take place in manufacturing plants and warehouse environments. These injuries could range from repetitive trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, crush injuries from heavy machinery, chemical burns and scarring from explosions, physical contact with machinery, objects, and equipment, slip and falls and trips, exposure to hazardous substances, overexertion, and even psychological injuries.  Robinson Law has experience with all of these types of injuries, and can help you on the path to recovery and getting the maximum benefits for you and your family.