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Evidence To Cover A Workers Compensation Claim & Enforce Corporate Safety

evidence for workers comp claim in pa

Have you ever seen safety hazards at your workplace? Ever wonder what to do about them? Here are some quick tips to keep you safe at your workplace in case you ever need to file a workers compensation claim.

It might be a wet slippery presence on the floor, broken machinery, uneven work surfaces, chemical exposures, or lack of safety equipment necessary to perform your work. Safety hazards can be in any form depending on your work. Although it might not seem just or fair, sometimes you have to protect yourself if your employer won’t.

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What is an IME? Can it affect your Workers Comp?

independent medical examination


Allentown, PA  – Workers’ Compensation Benefits Alert

Chances are if you are claiming workers’ compensation benefits you may have you heard of an IME. An IME, Independent Medical Evaluation, is an examination that is scheduled by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier for your Employer when you are filing a Claim for work injury benefits, or if you have been on workers’ compensation for at least 6 months.  The Insurance Carrier has the right to have you attend an IME 1 time every 6 months to assess your condition and capability to return to work. Read More

Injured At Work, Physical Pain And No Compensation?

physical pain but no workers compensation

If you have suffered a work-related injury and your employer’s insurance company denies your claim, your employer won’t cooperate with you in completing an Injury Report, or neither one will return your phone calls, you need to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to file the appropriate Petition(s) on your behalf and fight to get you all of the benefits you deserve. Read More

2011 Concussion & Cervical Spine Injury Symposium Of Bucks County Extremely Informative

Concussion & Cervical Spine Injury

On September 20, 2011, an extremely important and informative  Symposium co-sponsored by Princeton Brain and Spine Care, Bucks County Recreation Council, and the Bucks County Sports Commission featuring a panel of doctors, athletic directors, and helmet manufacturers was presented. Read More

Can You Guess The Top Dirty Jobs in U.S.A?

dirty jobs in american

The Discover Channel showcases some of the dirtiest jobs out there, in various categories.  Read More

Labor Day, Pay Tribute To The American Worker

tribute to the american workers

Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September.  It is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the economic and social achievements of American workers.  It is a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Read More

Marcellus Shale Expo Takes Over Penn State

From November 16-18, 2011, the Marcellus Summit 2011 will take place at the Penn Stater located in State College “Happy Valley”, PA.  The Summit will address real issues and offer balanced perspectives on numerous issues relating to shale gas development.

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There are 1000’s of warehouse workers across PA, and no matter what they house, injuries routinely occur.  These can be slip, trip, and fall injuries at the same level or elevated levels.  Also common are forklift and similar equipment injuries, as well as lifting injuries. Workers Compensation Attorney Paula Robinson is familiar with these types of injuries. She understands and delivers the results you and your family need.  Some injuries can even be fatal.  Often times these injuries need immediate attention, and follow-up treatment.

Drilling Rigs

The Marcellus Shale Natural Gas drilling has begun in earnest in many counties in PA, including, but not limited to, Williamsport, Monroe, Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Bradford.  The fracking process can be dangerous. Whether you have been injured while on the job, on or off a drill site, you need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side who understands this type of work.
Drilling rig injuries or deaths can occur from heavy equipment or truck accidents, chemical exposure, fires, explosions, or other freak accidents.

Psychological Injuries

Under the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, disabilities caused by mental or psychological factors may be considered to be compensable injuries if the other elements necessary to establish a claim are met, and are in 3 specific categories.  These are:

  • Psychological stimulus causing physical injury-mental/physical
  • Psychological stimulus causing psychic injury-mental/mental
  • Physical stimulus causing psychic injury-physical/mental
  • These cases are very fact specific and can be difficult to win.