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Tis the Season for Holiday Part Time Work

working part time

Every year, retailers of every kind get busy for the upcoming Christmas season.  With this mad rush to sell as much as possible, the stores and online retailers hire seasonal employees for selling, fulfillment and processing of orders, shipping, and customer support to name a few.  When these employees are hired, the Pennsylvania employers have to provide workers’ compensation insurance in case of accidents and injuries, even though the workers are just seasonal. Read More

Tips to Sit Safely at the Office

Tips for safety at work

One might assume office jobs are safe with little risk for injury. What most people do not take into consideration is the long periods of time they spend sitting at a desk. Most people do not sit properly at their desk which leads to neck and back pain and strain. Starring at a computer all day can cause eye strain and headaches. Create a healthy work environment while working 8+ hours behind a desk by making simple modifications to your routine. Take a break, stand up, stretch, walk around the office, take a break from your computer screen and drink plenty of water.

Below you will find 2 informational videos explaining neck and back pain as well as a tutuorial for sitting properly at the office. Prevention is key to avoiding injury!

How do back and neck pains occur? Explania

How to sit and stand up safely while working at your desk? Explania

How the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Court Works

file for a workers comp claim

Workers’ Compensation laws vary state to state, but they also must adhere to national laws and standards. In Pennsylvania, the Workers’ Compensation Act was put into practice to protect employees if they sustain a work related injury or illness. The Act provides that medical expenses, wage loss compensation, even death benefits are paid by the employers’ workers’ compensation insurance. Most business owners are required by law in the United States to carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover their employees should there be an accident. Read More

Understanding Important Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Laws

PA workers comp laws

When injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you need to know important workers compensation laws. Abiding by these laws can potentially make a difference in whether you receive benefits. These guidelines will help you understand a bit about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation laws: Read More

New Regulations Reporting Fatal Work Injuries From The Feds & OSHA

reporting fatal work injuries

Fatal work injuries have been a consistent problem throughout American workplaces almost since the beginning. Workplace safety standards have steadily improved over the years, but many workers still find themselves in desperate circumstances after sustaining a work-related injury. Read More

Timing and Tactics… It Matters in Workers’ Comp Cases

Have you ever heard the phrase “timing matters?”

Not only is it true, but it is also true in workers’ compensation litigation. It is important to have an attorney on your side who knows and understands the process and system to your advantage. Read More

Pennsylvania Coming Up Short Enforcing Misclassification of Workers

workers compensation petition

The area of employment litigation is a murky one although there are some areas which need to be firmed up in order for things to run more smoothly. In a recent development, regulators in Pennsylvania are supposedly coming up short in regulating the laws on the classification of workers, with some being incorrectly categorized as independent contractors. Read More

Settle Your Case Now With Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

ways workers compensation lawyers can help

Sometimes while working, you may get injured. The injury may have been unavoidable, but you can deal with this injury in a calm, collected manner by getting help from a Williamsport Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer.

First, it’s important to know when you would need help from this type of lawyer. You have the right to get help from one of these lawyers anytime you get injured. Read More

Safety at School

safety first

Safety at School

We live in the assumption that we are safe at work and our kids are safe at school. In most cases that is true, but when outside elements are at play we have increased risk of injury. As a proactive professional let’s be mindful of our environment and help prevent injury. Read More

Back to School, Back to Work

Back to school and work

Back to School, Back to Work

When you think about going back to school, most people think of books, supplies, new classes, maybe uniforms, new teachers and friends. What most people don’t think about is jobs at a school. These jobs could range from Teachers, Office Staff, Administrator, Bus Drivers, Guidance Counselor, School Nurse, Librarian, Food Service, Inside and Outside Maintenance Workers, and Janitors, to name a few. Along with work, comes work injuries at school that could happen in a wide variety of ways. Read More