Evidence To Cover A Workers Compensation Claim & Enforce Corporate Safety

Have you ever seen safety hazards at your workplace? Ever wonder what to do about them? Here are some quick tips to keep you safe at your workplace in case you ever need to file a workers compensation claim.

It might be a wet slippery presence on the floor, broken machinery, uneven work surfaces, chemical exposures, or lack of safety equipment necessary to perform your work. Safety hazards can be in any form depending on your work. Although it might not seem just or fair, sometimes you have to protect yourself if your employer won’t.

First, report the situation to your supervisor or manager and make a note of when, where, and what you told them.

Second, try to avoid the area, if at all possible.

Third, take pictures with a camera or your smart phone.

The reason it is important to take notes and pictures is that you may need evidence later if you suffer a work injury and need to file a workers compensation claim and appear before a worker’s compensation Judge to testify.

In some cases where there is a safety hazard, employers may fix the problem after it is too late and someone has already been injured. If you don’t have a record of reporting or any photographs to show the problem, it will be your word against the employer’s.

You and your workers compensation claim will be much more credible if you have evidence to show the Judge. The old adage does apply, “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”. It may also help to get your co-workers involved in reporting the situation.

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