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Typical Workplace Injuries

Have An Accident? Eastern PA's Workers’ Compensation Attorney Is Here To Help.

Work accidents happen more often than employers want to admit. Whether the accident is caused by negligence, unsafe working conditions, or a pure accident, workers are entitled to their benefits and rights. In Pennsylvania, workmen’s comp attorneys can help make your upcoming litigation go as smoothly as possible.

Finding a work accident and injury lawyer in PA to help you get the workers’ compensation payments you need to cover your bills is crucial. In Eastern PA, the workers’ compensation attorneys of Robinson Law, LLC are here to help!

How Do PA Workers’ Compensation Laws Impact Me?

To understand how PA workers’ compensation law affects workers throughout the state, you need to have a grasp on what the law covers and doesn’t cover. While plans differ between jurisdictions, provisions can be made for weekly payments in place of wages (functioning in this case as a form of disability insurance), compensation for economic loss (past and future), reimbursement or payment of medical and like expenses (functioning in this case as a form of health insurance), and benefits payable to the dependents of workers killed during employment (functioning in this case as a form of life insurance). An experienced lawyer for work-related injury will help you make sense of the law surrounding these claims.

General damages for pain and suffering, and punitive damages for employer negligence, are generally not available in worker compensation plans, and negligence is generally not an issue in the case. These laws were first enacted in Europe and Oceania, with the United States following shortly after that. Finding a workman comp and work-related injury attorney that will fight for your voice will help ensure your case does not get lost in the shuffle of the legal system.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Eastern PA have helped countless clients across the state get their workers’ compensation benefits. Our work-related injury lawyers in PA have helped workers in the following communities:

  • Berks County, PA
  • Bradford County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Carbon County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Dauphin County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA
  • Lackawanna County, PA
  • Lancaster County, PA
  • Lehigh County, PA
  • Luzerne County, PA
  • Lycoming County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Northampton County, PA
  • Philadelphia County, PA
  • Schuylkill County, PA
  • Susquehanna County, PA
  • Sullivan County, PA
  • Tioga County, PA
  • Wayne County, PA
  • Wyoming County, PA

Per the Department of Labor and Industry of Pennsylvania, there are two categories of injuries under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

  • The first of these categories is a “work-related injury,” which typically is a one-time incident, such as a slip and fall or a motor vehicle accident. Also in this category are what are referred to as repetitive type injuries, such as a carpal tunnel or shoulder overuse injuries. Aggravation of pre-existing conditions such as arthritis in your knee or back such that the work injury permanently worsens the condition, as well as a recurrence of an old work injury, is also included in the “work-related injury” category.

  • Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, the other injury category is “occupational disease.” Certain diseases are specifically related to specific occupations, and because of this, they are specifically recognized as occupational diseases. Examples include but are not limited to chemical poisoning for jobs that involve direct exposure or contact; heart and lung diseases for firefighters with extended service; hepatitis for healthcare workers, such as nurses or blood processors.

Whether a disease is occupationally related and compensable for the injured worker depends on if the onset of the disease is substantially greater in that particular occupation or industry. If the injured worker is exposed to the disease because of their employment, it is causally related to the injured party’s work. Our workers’ compensation attorney for Eastern PA can help you navigate the complexities of PA workers’ compensation law and ensure you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

When you retain a lawyer for a work-related injury, you want to find someone fighting for their clients with an intense track record. Most of your workers’ compensation payments will be paid out for one-time accidents. With a work-related injury attorney in your corner, you’ll have a solid case to get the Pennsylvania workmen’s comp benefits you need to cover your care.

These one-time accidents can include slips and falls, accidents on the road, or any number of occurrences that may have happened outside of the general functions of your job. An injured-at-work attorney can help you make your case as ironclad as possible.

For workers in the medical field or industries where disease hazards can become prevalent, you remain entitled to workman’s compensation benefits through occupational disease insurance. However, the burden of proof is higher. Occupational disease law requires an experienced occupational disease attorney to fight for your case.

Every worker in one of these fields should have some kind of occupational disease insurance, but getting the benefits you deserve can be more challenging than expected. As an experienced occupational disease and workers’ comp lawyer in PA, Paula Robinson, Esq. will fight for your rights and ensure your voice is heard in court and that your employer doesn’t skirt their responsibilities to you.

Work-Related Injuries in Lehigh County, PA, and the Surrounding Regions

Dealing with a work-related injury that can occur means having a team of work injury lawyers in PA on call to help sift through the facts of your case and present the strongest case possible in court. With the intricacies of Pennsylvania Workmen’s Comp law presenting challenges for the average work injury lawyer in PA, finding one with experience working through these types of cases. Your injured-at-work attorney will ultimately help make or break your case.

A workers’ compensation attorney in Eastern PA that can guide you through every step of the legal process will help you navigate this physically and emotionally challenging period. Whether you need a work injury lawyer to work through your case, or need a consultation to figure out where to go from here, Robinson Law, LLC, is here to help!When you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Eastern PA, turn to Paula

Robinson, Esq., as your work-related injury attorney to help make your case. Contact Paula now for your free consultation! You can also visit our workers’ compensation FAQ page for additional information.

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