Workers Compensation Why I Should Have A Lawyer

An on the job injury can be devastating. Even with a minor injury, there are many papers and protocols to file, from your manager, to employee health departments and for doctor and hospital billing.

Having an experienced workers compensation lawyer guiding me helped make the sometimes grueling process a much better experience. She took time to help me file the correct forms and seek out the specific treatment specialties for my particular injury. Without her help, I’d still be up to my neck in paperwork and not sure how to find the correct medical providers for my injury.

My lawyer quickly and efficiently assessed the documentation of my workplace injury and set the ball in motion. She was able to guide me to the doctors and therapy I needed in a timely manner so I could begin treatment without delay.

By keeping all my paperwork organized, my workers compensation lawyer was able to have my condition evaluated and treated by the right doctors. It is difficult enough to have suffered a workplace injury but add to that the confusion of workers compensation claim forms, medical reports and bills and the confusion and stress can be overwhelming.

Hiring a workers compensation lawyer expedited the entire process with minimal stress to me. My lawyer made sure I got the right treatment for the best medical outcome and continued to assist me throughout my treatment, up to and beyond the workers compensation hearing.

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