Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s Fees

Many people consider workers’ compensation attorney’s fees as an additional expense that they should avoid. However, you need to understand that the fee paid to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys does not come from your pocket per se, but is deducted from the wage loss benefits you receive. This means that if the attorney has to fight to get you on wage loss benefits, or fight to keep your benefits, or a lump sum settlement is achieved, then the attorney will receive a contingent fee from those benefits. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows for a 20% contingent fee. In our discussion below, we have outlined some reasons as to why you need to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, without the fear of incurring additional out-of-pocket money.

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys have more knowledge about workers’ compensation insurance carriers

Many people have lost or never received deserved benefits simply because they do not have adequate knowledge as to how workers’ compensation insurance carriers operate; what they can and cannot do, and how the whole process works.

Assist you to avoid missing time deadlines

Workers’ compensation cases can be complex, and there are strictly followed time limits. To avoid the stress and worry, not to mention missing your time deadlines altogether, hire an experienced attorney. It is well worth the attorney fee to have your back covered on your claim that literally could affect you the rest of your life.

Guide you to find helpful medical care

If your case involves an injury over ninety (90) days old {again, another rule followed by the workers’ compensation insurance carriers}, then your experienced attorney can help guide you to the proper medical care facilities to not only help you heal, but assist you with your claim. Do not ask neighbors or friends who know nothing about the workers’ compensation practice.

Help you in analyzing other possible claims

Sometimes, injured workers believe that they have just a workers’ compensation claim, and are unaware that they also may have other claims which came from the work injury. These could include motor vehicle accident claims, personal injury claims, discrimination claims, or even obtaining a higher compensation rate from missed overtime not being calculated. With the help of an attorney, you are likely to get more than you anticipated.

Assist you to negotiate a higher, fair settlement of your case

An experienced PA workers’ compensation attorney has skills of assessing the value of your case. With the knowledge of how to arrive at a settlement figure, along with certain terms that are unique to each case and injury, the attorney will help you obtain the best settlement for your individual case. They will also guide you through the settlement process, which involves appearing before a Workers’ Compensation Judge to have your settlement approved.

Provide you with peace of mind

Once you have retained a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, you will not have to run around asking other people about what you should do about your case. These lawyers can assist in your case running as smoothly as possible, of course, based on the facts of your case. In conclusion, you should not avoid the services of a workers’ compensation law firm simply because you think that the attorney fee is an extra cost to you. Experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys will not only help you in negotiating a better deal, but will also give you the peace of mind that you need during the case. In addition, and also importantly, workers’ compensation cases have time limitations, and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will monitor those time constraints required by the Courts, so you won’t have to.