What is a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP)?

What is a notice of compensation payable?

Once an employer sends the Workers’ Compensation Carrier notice of your work injury they have 21 days to respond in the form of a Denial or Notice of Compensation Payable. The notice should come in the form of a letter via the postal mail. Whether denied or accepted, I always advise to consult a Workers’ Compensation attorney to review your case and be prepared to respond when necessary.

What is a Notice of Compensation Payable?

A NCP or Notice of Compensation Payable is issued by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier accepting the claim, agreeing to pay wage loss and medical benefits or just medical benefits. This can also be in the form of a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, which is only for 90 days.

Notice of Compensation Payable is your ticket and the document you want to receive!  In short the Workers’ Compensation Carrier has agreed to cover your work injury

Even though the workers’ compensation carrier is to give you, the injured worker a copy of the Notice of Compensation Payable, in whatever form it is, they often do not, so you have no idea if your claim has in fact been accepted for wage loss and/or medical, temporarily or permanently, and what injury(ies) have been accepted. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can research the particulars of your claim and find out exactly what and how the same has been accepted.

Once it is determined what the exact status of your claim is, then your workers’ compensation attorney can guide you through what Petitions, if any need to be filed to protect your rights and even your credit, if medical bills are not being paid by the workers’ compensation carrier.

Further, it is important to make sure that your wages have been calculated properly to ensure that you receive the correct amount of workers’ compensation weekly benefits. Don’t leave all of these important details to chance, do yourself a favor and consult promptly with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Keep in mind that in time the Workers’ Compensation Carrier will want to stop benefits. This may be in the form of a settlement or a request to modify, suspend, or terminate benefits. Even if you receive a NCP, it is still a good idea to retain a workers’ compensation attorney to have on your side for all issues that will come up.  It is not a matter of “if”….it is a matter of “when”.