The Silent Winter Work Injury

One might assume a slip and fall on ice is the major work injury during the winter months. It certainly is one of the most common but there are many other injuries that can occur. What people may not realize is during the winter months and holiday rush increases stress, extra work hours, temporary jobs, for those in the northern states dangerous driving conditions to and from the office.

Injury on the job can happen at anytime to anyone from the CEO to the janitor. We are all at risk for a mental or physical injury that can effect our work abilities which why our employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you are in a stressful career to begin with the holidays and end of year deadlines can drastically impact your mental and physical state.  Reach out to Human Resources to ensure you receive  proper vacation and break from the grind. Not only will a break or time off help you but statistics show you will also likely be more productive when you return.

Also during the winter months many businesses are short staffed due to illness and the flu. During these times often one individual will be doingthe job of  or 3 team members. If the job requires physcial labor and you are taking on to much you automatically increase your risk of injury or strain.

Of course there is no way to prevent inury in the workplace but there are precautions, rules, and mantatory breaks your company has put into place to ensure your safety. It is up to you to ensure they and you are enforcing it! Stay safe.