Rehabilitation Costs Are Recoverable Through Workers’ Compensation in PA

Each workplace is different. No matter your profession or job, you deserve to be safe and secure in your workplace. Despite this fact, every day some workers suffer from accidents while on the job across Pennsylvania.

It’s important to understand that no two workplace injuries are alike. An injury to one person is not likely to have the same impact as it may have on another person, even if they had the same accident. This is one of the reasons why recovering compensation for work-related injuries can be a complex process for injured workers who aren’t sure how to navigate the system.

Your specific recovery and rehabilitation timeline will influence the medical costs and wage loss you might incur over a period of time. Whether you have a sprained wrist, or you’ve suffered back pain, you may be referred to a physical therapist for rehabilitation.

Workers’ Compensation in PA is Available for Rehabilitation

While many workers are familiar with the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to for their immediate medical treatment costs following a workplace injury, they may be unaware of compensation for long-term rehabilitation costs that may also be available to them.

Rehabilitation costs are an essential element of workers’ compensation. These involve the costs you may incur to recover, rebuild, and develop the abilities you need to go back to work. Pennsylvania workers who have been injured on the job should understand what rehabilitation costs they might be able to recover. To protect their right to compensation, injured victims should consult with a skilled workers’ comp attorney in Pennsylvania.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy following a work-related injury involves a multifaceted treatment that includes several techniques to rehabilitate the body. By restoring the function of an injured area, physical therapists can help patients return to work (or play) faster than if they had surgery. Physical therapy can help with various conditions, including back pain, arthritis, nerve damage, and muscle injuries.

A physical therapist assesses the body’s range of motion and flexibility. They then create a treatment program to increase strength, improve endurance, and reduce pain. Physical therapy is your way to get rid of the pain, get you back on your feet, and get back to your usual self.

Occupational Therapy

A workplace accident can result in a head injury, spinal cord injury or another severe injury that affects all aspects of daily living. A worker who suffers from trauma during their workday may need special assistance to restore a sense of normalcy. Occupational therapy focuses on restoring an individual’s ability to perform daily tasks and functions. It improves fine motor skills and balance and assists patients in learning how to use adaptive equipment if necessary.

Respiratory Therapy

Breathing difficulties are common among employees who spend their days surrounded by or breathing in toxic chemicals in hazardous environments. Respiratory therapy is a good fit for those workers who are looking to minimize respiratory distress. After completing respiratory therapy training, many will learn how to use inhalers and portable oxygen tanks properly.

Seek Legal Help

A workplace injury can be a devastating experience for you and your loved ones. If your injury involves short-term medical treatment as well as long-term rehabilitation, your medical bills and lost wages can quickly spiral out of control. At Robinson Law, we have years of experience in securing the appropriate compensation for victims of workplace injuries.

When you get hurt on the job, we will fight for your right to compensation. Contact us today at 215.530.7166 to set up your free consultation with our experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.