Questions? Ask A Workers Compensation Attorney

Ok, let’s be honest. How many of us have suffered an injury then went to the doctor and sat for a long period of time to see the doctor then finally got in the exam room and suddenly got quiet when being questioned? Simply not telling the doctor all the symptoms or problems for whatever reason.

Hear this and hear this well, it is important to tell your doctor everything you can think of about your injury and symptoms.  It’s ok we have all done it, then we kick ourselves after the doctor leaves the room.  I think it is helpful to make a list of points that you feel are important and simply look at that list while you are with the Dr.

The more accurate the history given to your Dr., the  more accurate your diagnoses and treatment can be.  Take advantage of your appointment with your doctor.  The more accurate the history, diagnosis, and plan of treatment, the better your workers compensation defense will be. Your Team, if you will, is You, your Dr., and your Lawyer.

Always remember, it’s your body, your case, your life!  Give it your best!