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Paula Robinson, Esq. Of Counsel

How do I pay for a workers’ compensation attorney?

Have you been injured on the job? Do you have a workers’ compensation case or want to file a workers’ compensation claim? Is the workers’ compensation carrier trying to modify, suspend or terminate your benefits?  A common question is, how can I afford an attorney to help me with my case, especially if I cannot work?

Good news… Paula Robinson of Robinson Law is a contingency fee attorney, which means there are no out of pocket costs to you for her representation!  Paula is only paid if she is successful in obtaining or keeping your workers’ compensation benefits. When handling a workers’ compensation claim, it usually requires your lawyer to order medical records, take depositions, order hearing transcripts, that all cost money to support your case. These expenses are covered by your attorney and you are not responsible for paying for them out of your settlement or benefits.

Who pays for the expenses and attorney fees?  

If the case settles for a lump sum, or if a workers’ compensation judge finds in your favor, then Paula would be reimbursed by the insurance company directly for any out of pocket expenses. This reimbursement for expenses does not come out of your benefits.  The attorney fee will automatically be sent to Paula directly from the insurance company – you do not need to write a check, ever.

What if your case does not settle in your favor or you lose your benefits, then who pays for the attorney and other fees?  

No one. As a contingency lawyer, Paula will only be paid if she is successful in obtaining and/or keeping your workers’ compensation benefits. If she is not, Paula will not be paid for her time or reimbursed for her out of pocket expenses.

Do I have to sign an agreement to hire Paula Robinson as my attorney?  

During a free consultation together, you and Paula would decide if working together on your case would be a good fit. If you both agree to work together you will be presented with a Contingent Fee Agreement. If Paula is successful, a 20% contingent fee will be paid out of your ongoing benefits or a lump sum settlement. Upon signing this document Paula will become your attorney and you may contact her at any time regarding your case.

For a more in depth explanation of the process contact Paula directly to set up your free workers’ compensation consultation.