In the hotel/motel industry, there are hundreds of different types of jobs that need to be filled for hotels and motels to run smoothly and be profitable. These job categories include, but are not limited to, development and construction, administration, managers, corporate, sales & marketing, food and beverage service, guest services, human resources, housekeeping, meetings/events, catering, accounting/finance, security, recreation/entertainment, technology/IT departments, gaming/casino operations, etc. Think about the thousands of individuals that actually work in these job categories.

Maid making bed in hotel roomSome of the jobs listed above are very physical in nature.  Scrubbing and cleaning while bent in awkward positions can place you at risk for neck, shoulder and arm injuries.  Also, making beds and lifting mattresses can lead to back injuries.  Even with jobs in office-type settings, accidents can and do occur. In fast-paced kitchens, injuries can come in the form of slips and falls, burns, cuts, different types of sprains and strains, or even broken bones. Robinson Law knows the mechanics of these injuries and can help you get the benefits you deserve.


Retail trade encompasses a wide variety of different businesses, such as grocery stores, car dealers, furniture stores, malls, garden and hardware stores. The level of physical activity in these trades can vary greatly.  Whether it is backbreaking hard labor or standing around doing mundane tasks, all jobs can result in different types of injuries. 

Almost always, retail trades require goods to be unpackaged using sharp cutting tools and could result in cuts or even serious lacerations.  After they are unpackaged, the goods need to be shelved or displayed. This requires employees to move and bend their body in many different directions, leading to possible musculoskeletal injuries. Constant standing around as a security guard or sales associate can result in back, foot, and leg pain or cramping.

These are just a few examples of injuries that can be sustained while working in retail. If you find that you have been injured on the job and your injuries have stopped you from working, contact Robinson Law for a free initial consultation.