Frequently Asked Questions from Robinson Law


If I contact Robinson Law, am I automatically a client?

No, after your initial free consultation, together we will decide if you have a case.  At that time you will have the option to proceed with Robinson Law as your legal representation. You can contact Robinson Law by phone (215) 402-5805 , email or make an appointment for an in person meeting to discuss your potential case at any time with no obligation.

What if I am not sure I have a case, can I contact Robinson Law to hear my story?

Of course, that is what is discussed during your free consultation.

How to I pay for representation?

You only pay if we are successful in winning and/or settling your case. Prior to representation a contingency fee agreement would be explained and put in place with a signature by both the injured worker and attorney. The fee would then be paid out of the winnings or settlement.   Robinson Law ill pay all expenses necessary to litigate your case, with no money out of your pocket.

Is my information/case confidential when I call?


What is a Notice of Compensation Payable?

A Notice of Compensation Payable is a PA workers’ compensation form that is issued when a claim is accepted by the workers’ compensation carrier.  It can come in a few different versions. There is a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable which can be for medical only or for payment of wage loss and medical benefits.  This particular form is issued when the workers’ compensation adjustor is not sure whether or not to accept liability for the claim of an injured worker. The Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable is only for a period not exceeding 90 days, filed without prejudice to the workers’ compensation carrier and does not admit liability.  At the 85th day, the workers’ compensation adjustor is to either issue a Denial of the claim along with a Notice Stopping the Temporary Compensation or issue a Notice of Compensation Payable accepting liability for the claim.  If the adjustor does not do either, then the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will issue a Notice of Conversion to a Notice of Compensation Payable.

A Notice of Compensation Payable is a PA workers’ compensation form which accepts liability for the claim of an injured worker.  Again, this can be for medical only, or for payment of wage loss benefits and medical benefits. This particular document is permanent and has no time deadline and is often referred to as the “Operative Document” in a PA workers’ compensation case.  In this case, benefits will continue until such time as a Workers’ Compensation Judge orders that benefits be modified, suspended, or terminated (which is an entirely separate discussion); or the case is settled for a lump sum of money.


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