Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Mansfield Pennsylvania

A work-related injury can happen to anyone at any time, and in just about every type of employment. You can be working in a warehouse and suffer chronic pain from repetitive motions, or you are in an office that has flooded, creating mold and causing severe reactions. When injuries happen while you are on the clock, you can claim workers compensation to cover your income and medical bills while you recover. However, a claim is not always as straightforward as it may seem.

Angry business man talking on phone disputing looking at laptop, stressed frustrated office worker arguing by mobile solving online computer problem with technical support complaining on bad serviceInsurance companies and employers tend to challenge the claim, especially when the injury doesn’t have a clear cause. Someone whose injuries came about from an obvious source are not going to see their claims quibbled over. It’s different when you have repetitive strain injuries, or other soft tissue problems that are caused by work activities. These are not so obvious, and the insurer may try to push back, claiming your pain is a figment of your imagination. It’s at this point that you are going to need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Mansfield Pennsylvania to help you file.

When your claim is challenged, it is automatically sent to a judge to hear the case. This is where you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side. She has the knowledge and skill to know when to press your claim for approval, increasing the chance that the judge is going to rule in your favor. If the judge decides to rule against you, you have the right to appeal, and your lawyer can advise you if this is the correct route to take or not.

If you are considering filing a workers’ comp claim, contact Paula Robinson at your first available opportunity. She can advise you on what your rights are, and what options are available to you.