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Do Superheroes Need Workers’ Compensation?

If you’re familiar with Marvel and DC then chances are you know about superheros.  Superheros have been all the craze in recent years as major blockbuster movies have been released. The Avengers, Batman vs Superman, Antman, and many others that emphasize superheros in today’s modern world.

The storylines often cross movies and although fictional it can be fun to follow along.  Being a superhero is a pretty cool job… saving the world from “bad guys”, aliens, and evil.  But like most cool jobs aka “hands-on” there comes risk.  But how many superheros actually get hurt?  The Hulk can fall from a 100 stories, and get shot then spit out bullets.  Tony Stark, aka Ironman, is in a suit and only seems to walk away with scratches and bruises after a battle.

Hypothetically who covers workers’ compensation for superheros?  Not many superheroes work for someone.  Unless you’re an Avenger then technically you work the government.  In that case would the government would cover workers’ compensation?  What if Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark get hurt on the job?  Can they file a worker’s comp claim with Wayne Enterprises or Stark Industries?

Being a superhero has its perks… global fan base, fanfare, doing good and not getting hurt.

medical professional in superhero costume with heartbeatLets face it we’re all not superheros and we do have risk in our own jobs, which is why we have have workers’ compensation.  Workers’ comp is like a safety net that allows us to do our job the best that we can, knowing that if something should happen to us the worker’s compensation benefits will help cover expenses for medical care and wages loss because one can not work.

So if you are not a superhero, live in PA, have a work injury, and have any questions regarding your workers’ comp benefits, such as submitting a claim, your benefits have stopped, you’re rushed to settle your case, or you are not sure if you’re getting what you deserve, please reach out at any time for a free PA workers’ comp consultation with me, Attorney Paula Robinson.