Checklist: Report Work Injuries Immediately When They Happen

Here it is Monday morning and you are just getting to work. You’re feeling great as you have just had a wonderful weekend and you are ready get your work day started. Your boss tells you to move the pallets on the floor of the stockroom and off you go. As you begin setting the pallets to be moved with the forklift, you slip and fall. As you try to get up, you realize that something is seriously wrong with your back. This is not what you had in mind when you got up this morning.

What Do I Do Now?

How many of us have suffered a similar fate at work? For many employees their first inclination may be to simply dust themselves off and keep working. The truth of the matter is this, as soon as you are able to get up you need to report your injury to your supervisor. Now you may be thinking, what if they blame me for the fall or even worse want to terminate me. If you have these fears, lay them aside. Workers compensation will be made available to you and you won’t lose your job, if you simply follow a few guidelines.

  • Immediately report the injury and ensure that the information is documented. Be careful here and report only the facts. If there was anyone else around that witnessed the incident, make sure that someone their statement is taken as well. This will help to substantiate your claim.
  • Go to see your doctor and have your work injuries documented. This is one of the most important steps, as you will need this information to to prove that you are eligible for the workers compensation. Ensure that your provider knows that you were hurt on the job. There may be forms that the physician will need to fill out on your behalf. Remember also, there is a possibility that you may be required to see a doctor that represents the company you work for.
  • Keep copies of all documents pertaining to your injury. This way if the documents are lost, you have another copy. By making additional copies you are protecting yourself from an employer saying they were never notified.
  • If you are denied your benefits, start vetting competent workers compensation lawyers. They will explain your rights and help you file your claim. They will fight to get your justice and help you to recover any monies lost due to medical expenses, lost income, and other pain and suffering.

Protect Your Rights

We always hope that an on the job injury never occurs, but if it does and you are hurt on the job, you need to protect your rights. Contact Paula Robinson. She will win your workers compensation case for you.