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Can I Go on Vacation While on Workers’ Compensation?

Whether you’re looking to take a break during the summer months or visit family during the holiday season, there’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation from the stresses of life. But if you’re on workers’ compensation, does that mean you can hop over the seas and enjoy the beauty of other locations? If you’re already off the job, what harm would it do to see family or check in on the status of your friends? Before booking that flight, let’s explore if workers’ compensation allows for vacations and if there’s anything you can do to avoid interrupting your benefits. 

What If I Want to Go on Vacation While on Workers’ Comp?

While you technically can go on vacation while on workers’ compensation, you risk negative effects on your claim. In the event of a serious injury, the insurance can use your trip as evidence that your workplace injury isn’t as bad as it seems, and you can lose your workers’ compensation. 

It’s always possible to challenge their declaration, but if you go on vacation and miss or reschedule medical appointments or ignore treatments, it can go against your argument. If your doctor advised against a long trip, but you took one anyway, the insurance may also have a strong case against providing additional workers’ comp benefits. If you post social media images or videos detailing you participating in dangerous activities that an otherwise injured person might not do, you can also nullify your workers’ compensation case. 

Can I Access My Vacation Hours While on Workers’ Comp?

In most places, your vacation pay is stopped while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. This prevents individuals from accruing vacation hours while dealing with work-related injuries. But in areas like Pennsylvania, depending on your job’s vacation policy, you might be able to add PTO or a cash value on vacation hours that add up during the injury. Members of places like unions and other collectively bargained workforces can also be eligible for vacation time during workers’ comp. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to discuss the situation with our Montgomery County lawyers or your own local workers’ compensation attorney. 

An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Landscape

Are you having trouble navigating the intricacies of workers’ compensation and other facets of your insurance program’s rules and regulations? Workers’ compensation and vacations aren’t mutually exclusive, but every individual case is different. Insurance companies don’t want to be paying for injuries that aren’t really inhibiting you, and you don’t want to lose the money you’re entitled to because of a vacation. With so much to consider, leave your case in the hands of a workers’ compensation lawyer who knows a thing or two about helping injured workers. 

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