Allentown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Free Consultation

Put your interests ahead of your employer. Get a Free Consultation. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation claim procedure can be adversarial and often necessitates the use of an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims.

1. Request a free consultation
 – Allentown workers’ comp lawyers will offer you a free consultation, which usually lasts about an hour, to review your case and see whether you need a lawyer. The lawyers should be open about your need for an attorney and your likelihood of succeeding if you decide to pursue your case, or if your employer and their workers’ compensation carrier is trying to stop your benefits. The Allentown workers’ compensation lawyer free consultation can help you to decide if you need help.

2. Contingency representation – 
One important thing to remember is that Pennsylvania worker’s compensation lawyers represent clients on a contingency basis, which is mandated by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act at 20%. This means that your lawyer will take a contingent percentage of your workers’ compensation benefits if he/she is successful in obtaining or retaining your benefits, or in settling your case. If no the benefits are obtained, then there is no fee. Seeking an Allentown workers’ compensation lawyer free consultation sooner rather than later can ensure that your case is on the right path from the start.

3. When you require a lawyer – 
Regardless of the circumstances of your claim, you are allowed to hire a lawyer. If your injuries are bad enough to change your life, including daily living activities, either because of a change in your ability to work or permanent bodily impairment, a workers’ compensation attorney can represent you and ensure that you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits and medical care you are entitled to.

4. When you don’t need a lawyer
 – If your injuries are minor, you expect to report back to work after only a few days and you don’t expect the injuries to lead to permanent body impairment, you might not need a lawyer.

5. Finding a lawyer to handle your case
 – It is vital that you seek the services of an experienced Allentown workers’ compensation lawyer for a free consultation, as they have the knowledge in this area. There are a few methods of finding the best lawyer for you and your situation.

a. Google-Google search Allentown workers compensation attorney.

b. AVVO or other third party websites for reviews on lawyers.

c. Referrals-finding the best lawyer can be difficult, especially if you have a tough case. If local lawyers cannot represent you, ask if they can offer you referrals of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, who may better know the law and nuances to help build your case. Also, you can ask friends and relatives if they have referrals of experienced Allentown workers’ compensation lawyers.

Work injuries occur all the time not only in Allentown, but all across Pennsylvania. Workers frequently get into accidents at factories, construction sites, warehouses, and grocery stores, all variety of retail markets, and even mom and pop shops.