7 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Let’s face it, people working in different job environments face a wide array of hazards, most of which are not within their control. While there are various job injuries that workers fall at risk of, there are those that are very common and that you may avoid if you had knowledge of. The following are some of the common on the job injuries that you may be at risk of, as per the information from some of the top insurance companies.

1. Overexertion Injuries
These are the type of injuries that are related to pushing, holding, pulling, lifting, throwing and carrying activities. It is not only the most common injury in most work places, but is also by far the most expensive as per researches that have been conducted.

2. Tripping and Slipping
This is the second most common cause of injuries at work. This particular type of injury pertains to falling on slippery and wet floors or even tripping on an object lying on the office floor. Paying attention to what is going on in your environment, cleaning up spills as soon as they occur, and ensuring that no object is lying carelessly on the office floor will help reduce the risk of this type of injury.

3. Falling from High Places
Needless to say, this particular type of injury occurs when one falls from a high place such as from a ladder, staircase or the roof. This can be caused by slipping due to faulty equipment. The chances of falling can be reduced by making use of the proper protective gear, diligence from the employees, as well as training.

4. Reaction Injuries
It is not always the case that when one trips or slips, they will end up on the floor. Many are the times that people will react in a bid to avoid landing face first on the floor. When this happens, they may sustain muscle injuries or body trauma due to the sudden unexpected body movement and reaction. These kinds of on the job injuries are the hardest to prevent. It, however, does help to be aware of your immediate surrounding environment.

5. Injuries from Falling Objects
Objects that are dropped by workmates or that fall from shelves can be a cause of a serious injury. The most common type of injury sustained in this kind of accident is the head injury. Having the proper protection gear while at work will help reduce the injuries sustained.

6. Walk into Injuries
Believe it or not, it is pretty common for people to walk into stationary objects accidentally. Some such objects include cabinets, doors, tables, chairs, walls, and glass windows. Neck, knee, foot and head injuries are the most common result of these walk in accidents.

Center Valley Office7. Vehicle Accidents 
Employees who drive while running company errands are the most affected by this type of injury. These type of accidents can even be fatal. As a matter of fact, many people involved in such accidents sustain serious injuries. Having safe driving policies for the employees and a driver training program can go a long way to reduce the occurrence of such accidents.

While being diligent, undergoing the proper training and having the right protective gear can help reduce the injuries at the work place, injuries can and do happen.