Safety at School

staying safe while at school

Safety at SchoolWe live in the assumption that we are safe at work and our kids are safe at school. In most cases that is true, but when outside elements are at play we have increased risk of injury. As a proactive professional let’s…

Back to School, Back to Work

Back to School Back to Work

Back to School, Back to WorkWhen you think about going back to school, most people think of books, supplies, new classes, maybe uniforms, new teachers and friends. What most people don’t think about is jobs at a school. These jobs could range from Teachers,…

2011 Concussion & Cervical Spine Injury Symposium Of Bucks County Extremely Informative

On September 20, 2011, an extremely important and informative  Symposium co-sponsored by Princeton Brain and Spine Care, Bucks County Recreation Council, and the Bucks County Sports Commission featuring a panel of doctors, athletic directors, and helmet manufacturers was presented. The goal is education, protection, and understanding of concussions in…

Can You Guess The Top Dirty Jobs in U.S.A?

The Discover Channel showcases some of the dirtiest jobs out there, in various categories.  For more information click: