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Workers Compensation Attorney

Do you need a professional, efficient worker's compensation attorney? Give Robinson Law, LLC a call today. Skilled, well-trained lawyers and attorneys at Robinson Law LLC have many years of experience in worker's compensation cases and know exactly how to help you through the process of earning the compensation you deserve.

So just what exactly is worker's compensation? Worker's compensation is a type of work place insurance with the sole purpose of replacing wages lost due to a work-related injury or trauma. If you have been injured on the job and are unable to either work as many hours as you normally do or simply can not work at all due to your injury or trauma, you are entitles to receive worker's compensation benefits to replace your lost or reduced wages.

Paula Robinson is a well-experienced worker's compensation attorney. She has been defending clients for more than twenty-eight years and is known to be one of the best in her field. Paula Robinson has been certified as a specialist in her area for her expertise and skill winning worker's compensation cases. Paula Robinson and her team will stand with you and fight to ensure you receive your justice.

Some of the more common work place injuries and traumas include spinal, upper and lower extremity, loss of limb, and work related motor vehicle accidents, but there are also some less-known injuries and traumas that are sometimes overlooked when an employee is trying to get worker's compensation. Some of these less common injuries include dental injuries, psychological trauma, strokes or heart attacks, toxin and mold exposures, and occupational diseases. Attorneys at Robinson Law LLC know about all these less common injuries and more, and can make sure you receive compensation for lost wages caused by any of these work-related injuries and traumas.

Another area Robinson Law LLC is well experienced in is Social Security Disability. If you have a qualifying disability, Robinson Law LLC can help you win wage replacement. Qualifying disabilities for Social Security Disability include qualifying injuries which keep you from being able to work for twelve months or longer, or an illness that keeps you from being able to work any longer such as a terminal illness. There are certain conditions to speak with an attorney about to receive Social Security Disability benefits such as how long you have worked and how much money has been held back through income tax deductions, as well as the Social Security Administration requiring that you be completely disabled to receive benefits. Permanent disability, however, is not a required condition to receive Social Security Disability benefits. For more details you can speak with an attorney at Robinson Law LLC.

If you would like to know more information about finding an excellent worker's compensation lawyer you can call Robinson Law LLC for more information. Their office number is (215)-530-7166 or you can also call (570)-855-9475, or you can go to their website online at to see all their services. Workers Compensation Attorney
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