Need a Lawyer for an Injury that Happened on the Job?

Work Injury Lawyer

If you have experienced an on the job injury, then you need an excellent work injury lawyer, and Robinson Law LLC is your to go resource in Pennsylvania. Paula Robinson, Esq. brings over twenty nine years of workers compensation experience to the table when representing you and your case. As a work injury lawyer Ms Robinson provides aggressive, yet compassionate representation for your case.   

Workers Compensation Attorney Paula Robinson has worked throughout eastern PA. Not only does she know the law, but she also is familiar with the various Workers Compensation Judges in many different jurisdictions, understanding and following their individual procedures and practices and Paula Robinson has a combined twenty-nine years of experience in the PA Workers Compensation practice.

Paula Robinson, Esq. of Robinson Law LLC is well-known for client satisfaction in representing her clients in workers compensation cases. Workers compensation is a benefit you can receive from your employer in the event of a work injury which replaces lost wages if you are unable to work due to a job-related injury. Robinson Law LLC can help you get the benefits you deserve. Since each work injury is different, call to speak with Ms. Robinson directly to discuss your unique case.

There are a wide variety of injuries and traumas that can occur in the workplace. Many times an employer will try to deny a work injury claim. In these cases it is suggested to have an attorney represent you. A qualified work injury lawyer will have the experience, know the local medical resources to offer you treatment and document your work injury, and know the state laws surrounding work related injuries and know the court system and judges.

Robinson Law LLC knows that as an employee you have the right to present your case to a workers’ compensation judge to allow him or her to decide if you qualify for workers compensation. So whether you have a simple or complex work related injury or trauma, be it spinal injuries, strokes and heart attacks, toxin and mold exposures, psychological traumas, repetitive traumas, occupational diseases, or others, be sure to have a legal representative that has your best interests in mind. Be sure you select an attorney that is willing to explain your options.

As a work injury lawyer, Robinson Law, LLC will work with you throughout your entire case from the initial paperwork to meeting with a Judge to settlement. If Paula Robinson, Esq is representing you, she will stand by your side, helping you step-by-step through the whole process to help you get the proper wage loss compensation and medical benefits you deserve. Ms Robinson believes you deserve a professional work injury lawyer who truly cares about your case and how the outcome directly affects your livelihood now and in the future.

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