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What is a DUI Assessment?

DUI Assessment (1)

A DUI Assessment is typically required after you have been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania. During the assessment, you are interviewed by a state certified drug and alcohol counselor to decide if there are any substance abuse problems.

How to prepare for a DUI evaluation?

There is no real way to prepare for your DUI evaluation (assessment) other than to evaluate your drinking/drug use patterns. A drug and alcohol assessor will ask you questions related to when you started and how regularly you drink and/or use drugs. You will not only be asked about your medical history, but also your mental health history and how (if at all) drug or alcohol dependence has impacted your life. It is important that you be honest with the assessor, as it is only going to help you improve your life.

How to pass a drug and alcohol assessment?

There is no pass/fail in an assessment. The assessor (evaluator) will be giving you a mental health evaluation and you won’t even realize it, as it is subtle. The assessment will determine if there is a drug or alcohol problem and the degree of the problem. Depending on the results, a recommendation will be made as to whether further treatment is needed.

What happens at a drug and alcohol assessment?

DUI Evaluation

You will be asked to complete both standardized and non-standardized questionnaires. Again, the starting point will be to get basic information regarding your alcohol and/or drug history and current use, as well as how it has affected you. The assessor may also ask questions having nothing to do with drug or alcohol use. These questions could be focused on learning if you have any unusual stressors in your life – such as death, divorce, anxiety, or depression.

Once the evaluator has completed their assessment, they will let you know their conclusions both verbally and in writing. You will need to share the written assessment with the court as part of the legal process. 

You will be given a list of providers who do the drug and alcohol assessments. Do some research to find one you are comfortable with and who genuinely wants to help you, not judge you. It is best to be as honest with the assessor and yourself to learn from the situation and move on with your life.

How much does a drug and alcohol assessment cost?

Although the price varies among assessors, typically the cost is around $100.00-$500.00 depending on their qualifications and licenses.

It is important to retain a DUI attorney who can help you choose the right assessor to get you through and past the process. Call Paula Robinson, Esquire at 215.530.7166 for savvy legal representation with your DUI case.