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Digging Safety in PA – Resident & Professionals

April celebrates National Safe Digging Month which is aimed at educating residents about the importance of safe digging on their property to avoid utility lines that may prevent outages, personal injury or even death.

All US residents and businesses are urged to call 8-1-1 before they dig. This phone number will connect them to the proper state resources to properly mark lines, pipes and more so you can safely dig. The Common Ground Alliance Initiative created a website dedicated to education and the importance of safe digging. This website has resources for residents, farmers
and contractors. They have also created a very educational video, shared below.

Do you know what is underground?

According to the Common Ground Alliance, “There’s more than one football field’s length of buried utilities for every man, woman and child in the U.S.”

If you are a Pennsylvania resident UGI has put out a helpful article of what to do BEFORE you dig on your property, you can read the full UGI article here. Another PA resident resource is provided by Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc a non-profit.   

When Digging is your Job

If your job requires digging on a regular basis – you receive training starting on day one. There are protocols, checks and balances in place to prevent costly and possible harmful mistakes.

When digging, there is always risk, especially when digging near buried water, gas lines, electric, phone, cable, sewer and more. When doing larger projects such as drilling for natural gas and fracking there are additional risks, especially with the heavy machinery. OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has been created and dedicated to providing safe and healthy work condition by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.

OSHA has a comprehensive website dedicated to safe drilling here.