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10 Most Dangerous Jobs In Pennsylvania

most dangerous jobs

We all feel as if work is going to kill us at times, but for people in the following professions, this feeling is quite literal. Some of these jobs may come as a surprise to you. Let’s have a look at the 10 most…

10 Tips For Warehouse Accidents Prevention

Warehouse safety tips

Warehouse accidents happen more often than people think. Many people will find themselves a sufferer of a warehouse accident. However, the majority of the time, these accidents can very well be prevented with taking preventative measures.

PA Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy and a Recent Exception

Workers compensation exceptions

Pennsylvania workers compensation law it is governed by the Worker’s Compensation act, which has been amended and evolved over time. A primary aspect included in the Act is the “Exclusive Remedy” provision that as of February 3, 1975 made it mandatory to file a…

Fracking In PA Pros and Cons

What is fracking?

The Fracking Debate In the past few years, fracking for natural gas has become a hot debate between health and environmental groups, and industry leaders. Industry leaders are focused on the benefits of fracking, whereas environmentalists are focused on the possible health effects posed…

How do I pay for a workers’ compensation attorney?

workers compensation attorney cost

Have you been injured on the job? Do you have a workers’ compensation case or want to file a workers’ compensation claim? Is the workers’ compensation carrier trying to modify, suspend or terminate your benefits?  A common question is, how can I afford an…

5 Steps To Selecting The Best Workers Compensation Attorney

best workers compensation attorney allentown pa

Selecting and retaining a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial to winning your case in court and/or attaining the highest possible lump sum settlement. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law is extremely specific, and you want the best workers’ compensation attorney to help you present your…

Accurate Work Injury Descriptions Are A Must In Workers Comp Cases

submit my work injury claim

When a Pennsylvania worker sustains an injury at work, whether it is physical or mental, notice of the injury must be promptly given to the Employer. 1. Once the Employer’s workers compensation carrier is advised of the injury, the assigned adjustor has 21 days…

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Doylestown Pennsylvania

workers comp attorney

If you have been injured on the job, or were disabled for any reason, you need to know your rights. Workers Compensation Laws and Social Security Disability (SSD) Guidelines can be difficult to understand. If you are dealing with either of these in the…

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Mansfield Pennsylvania

workers comp attorney in pa

A work-related injury can happen to anyone at any time, and in just about every type of employment. You can be working in a warehouse and suffer chronic pain from repetitive motions, or you are in an office that has flooded, creating mold and…

Get the Right Workers Compensation Lawyer Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

workers comp lawyer

When an accident happens at your place of work and your employer is deemed to be responsible through negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. I am sure that you are aware of the fact that most companies are very stubborn when it…