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Protecting Workers from Eye Injury in Pennsylvania

July is the Eye Injury Prevention Month in the United States. At Robinson Law, our mission this month is to raise awareness about the eye …

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Amazon’s Footprint on Pennsylvania’s Workforce

Amazon has rapidly increased its distribution footprint in the greater Philadelphia region over the last few years. The e-commerce giant currently has as many as …

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Can I File a PA Workers’ Compensation Claim Without a Doctor?

First of all, what is a Claim Petition? A Claim Petition is filed with the Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication if an injury claim is …

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National Nurses Day

Every year, on the 6th of May, we celebrate National Nurses Day to recognize and honor the enormous contribution made by nurses in promoting public …

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Can Doctor Restrictions Affect your Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, your own treating doctor or a doctor hired by the workers’ compensation carrier may ask you to undergo a …

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How To Receive Work Injury Compensation In Pennsylvania

Workers’ compensation refers to a form of insurance that provides compensation for lost wages as well as medical benefits for any employee who sustains injuries …

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PA Worker’s’ Comp Continues Uninterrupted Amid Pandemic

Since mid-March 2020 when most everything went into “lock-down” in Pennsylvania, one practice did not, and that was the practice of PA Workers’ Compensation. Through …

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How Do I Know if my Workers’ Comp Claim was Reported by my Employer?

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is a time-bound process in Pennsylvania. If you fail to file the claim in a timely manner, your benefits could …

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What to Tell a Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

One of the key steps in a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation process is the independent medical evaluation (IME), which is performed by a doctor who is …

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Full Disclosure is Best Policy

When you are receiving Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier is entitled to find out if you are working during your receipt …

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