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Staying Safe Getting To Work

Safe driving

For many Pennsylvanians during the winter months we experience snow, sleet, ice and rain. These conditions can make an easy commute, difficult or a challenging job dangerous. Here are a few practical tips to help you stay safe getting to and from work and even on the job too! Read More

PA Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy and a Recent Exception

Workers compensation exceptions

Pennsylvania workers compensation law it is governed by the Worker’s Compensation act, which has been amended and evolved over time. A primary aspect included in the Act is the “Exclusive Remedy” provision that as of February 3, 1975 made it mandatory to file a workers compensation claim if you were injured performing your job. This means that you cannot civilly sue your employer in the event that you suffer a work injury. Over the years there have been carved out some rare, minor exceptions to this rule, but typically, the exclusive remedy is relied upon. Read More

Fracking In PA Pros and Cons

What is fracking?

frackingThe Fracking Debate

In the past few years, fracking for natural gas has become a hot debate between health and environmental groups, and industry leaders. Industry leaders are focused on the benefits of fracking, whereas environmentalists are focused on the possible health effects posed to the environment and public in association with the practice of fracking. To help you better understand the fracking controversy, here are some of the various pros and cons of the fracking process. Read More

7 Attributes Of A Great Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

great workers compensation lawyer

7 levelsIf you have been injured on the job and find yourself out of work, it is important to find a good workers’ compensation lawyer. Quality and ability are the two important attributes of a good lawyer. Here are seven attributes to consider in your selection process.

1. Honesty
A workers’ compensation lawyer who is successful is honest and does not take on cases without sufficient or credible evidence. One of the major reasons as to why they don’t is because they know there is a reputation to uphold. If they take on frivolous or dishonest lawsuits, they will end up being known for it by everyone from potential clients to insurance companies and their insureds, to Judges. Thus, having an honest lawyer is incredibly important.

2. Experience
While everyone has to start with a first client, it does not have to be you. Having an experienced lawyer will make a few important traits certain. The first is that they are confident with their knowledge and skill. The second is that they actually know what they are doing, how to get it done efficiently and correctly, and who they are dealing with. There are aspects of the practice that are learned over time through practical professional experience.

3. Compassion and Empathy
For those that have truly been injured on the job, there is a need for compassion to help clients through the litigation, which can be stressful. A great workers’ compensation lawyer will have both empathy and compassion. Both of these traits are comforting and do not go unnoticed.

4. Affordability
The great news is that in Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation lawyers are paid on a contingent fee basis so the client does not need to put down any money, whatsoever. Furthermore, the good workers’ compensation lawyers pay for all of the litigation costs out of their own pocket. These costs could include payment for medical records from the relevant providers, doctor deposition fees, or other expert witness fees. By taking on a case that is most likely to prevail or settle for a lump sum, the lawyer will be reimbursed these litigation costs by the workers’ compensation carrier, and these costs will not be deducted from the client’s benefits.

5. Proven Application of Their Education
When your workers’ compensation lawyer concentrates in this type of work, they spend a long time studying case law, regulations, and know what your rights are in your particular state. They also know what the insurance carriers’ rights and responsibilities are. Ask your lawyer how long they have been practicing workers’ compensation law, and if they are certified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

6. Understanding Medical Complexities
When injured physically or mentally, or suffering from an occupational disease due to work, there will always be a medical aspect which needs to be proven to be successful with your particular case. Your workers’ compensation lawyer needs to understand the injury and disability and needs to work closely with the medical providers so that they can build a proper, successful case.

7. Experience On Both Sides Of The Law

Although it certainly is not necessary, it is an extreme advantage to have a workers’ compensation lawyer who has worked for the big Insurance Companies and knows how they operate on all aspects of a workers’ compensation claim. This vast experience aids the injured worker in the strategies used throughout the litigation and potential settlement, getting you the most money for your claim.

Paula Robinson Esq is certified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Paula can be reached at 215-530-7166 for a free consultation. Her motto is ” No Recovery, No Fee.”

How do I pay for a workers’ compensation attorney?

workers compensation attorney cost

Have you been injured on the job? Do you have a workers’ compensation case or want to file a workers’ compensation claim? Is the workers’ compensation carrier trying to modify, suspend or terminate your benefits?  A common question is, how can I afford an attorney to help me with my case, especially if I cannot work?

Good news… Paula Robinson of Robinson Law is a contingency fee attorney, which means there are no out of pocket costs to you for her representation!  Paula is only paid if she is successful in obtaining or keeping your workers’ compensation benefits. When handling a workers’ compensation claim, it usually requires your lawyer to order medical records, take depositions, order hearing transcripts, that all cost money to support your case. These expenses are covered by your attorney and you are not responsible for paying for them out of your settlement or benefits. Read More

5 Steps To Selecting The Best Workers Compensation Attorney

best workers compensation attorney allentown pa

thumbs upSelecting and retaining a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial to winning your case in court and/or attaining the highest possible lump sum settlement. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law is extremely specific, and you want the best workers’ compensation attorney to help you present your case in court. You don’t need to and should not just choose a lawyer out of the Yellow Pages. It will benefit you to do a little research to see that the lawyer you hire is reputable and specializes in workers’ compensation cases.

1. The best way to find a reputable lawyer is through word of mouth. Talk to anyone who has been in your situation and see who they used to represent them in court, and what their personal experience was like. Anyone who has had to file a workers compensation claim can tell you who is reputable and was responsive to their own unique needs. No two people are alike, thus no two cases are ever identical as to what needs to be done to protect the client’s interests.

2. Next, you will want to check out the Attorney’s disciplinary history with the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and whether they are certified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

3. Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing workers compensation law. You want a lawyer who has been in this business for more than a few years. Retaining a well-seasoned lawyer will give you the best chances in your particular case, as they will have both the experience and knowledge of the interworkings of the system, the Judges, and even opposing attorneys’ tactics.

4. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you will want to check out the law firm’s website. Most lawyers advertise online in today’s modern world, and their website can speak volumes about the individual lawyer. If the spelling is atrocious and the website is sloppy, then you know that the lawyer doesn’t pay attention to detail and that you need to keep looking. Also, does the lawyer show a personal compassionate side, or is it all cold hard business? We are all human, and while the expertise is a must, a bit of receptivity, caring, listening, and understanding is unmatched.

5. The last step in hiring a good workers comp lawyer is to contact the lawyer who you are considering. This will be the deciding factor, as you will experience how the lawyer interacts with you. You will want to meet face to face and ask questions during the initial interview to get to know the lawyer before making a final decision. If at any time during the consultation you feel uneasy, or just simply don’t like the lawyer, it’s best to end the interview and go back to your research. Trusting your lawyer is one of the most important considerations when retaining a firm; if you don’t feel that you can trust him or her, then it’s time to move on to another candidate.

Choosing the best lawyer to represent you in a workers’ compensation case can be a somewhat challenging experience; however, once you have found the right lawyer for you and your particular needs, it will make the litigation experience better. You deserve to be represented by someone who will care as much about you and your case as you do.  One suggestion would be Paula Robinson Esq.

Accurate Work Injury Descriptions Are A Must In Workers Comp Cases

submit my work injury claim

When a Pennsylvania worker sustains an injury at work, whether it is physical or mental, notice of the injury must be promptly given to the Employer.

1. Once the Employer’s workers compensation carrier is advised of the injury, the assigned adjustor has 21 days within which to investigate and accept or deny the claim.

2. If the claim is accepted, it will be accepted either through a Notice Of Compensation Payable or a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable.

3. If the Notice Of Compensation Payable (NCP) is issued, the claim is out right accepted, and payments of wage loss benefits, if any, and medical benefits will be paid by the workers’ compensation carrier.

4. If the Notice Of Temporary Compensation Payable (NTCP) is issued, the claimant is temporarily accepted for 90 days, and can thereafter be accepted or denied by the workers’ compensation carrier.

5. Regardless of which Notice is issued, there will be a section noted on the designated workers’ compensation form entitled “INJURY INFORMATION” which will list the body parts affected, type and description of injury. This information will serve to be critical to the injured worker, as it will affect their future medical treatment and receipt of benefits. Read More

Checklist: Report Work Injuries Immediately When They Happen

report work injuries immediately

work injury

Here it is Monday morning and you are just getting to work. You’re feeling great as you have just had a wonderful weekend and you are ready get your work day started. Your boss tells you to move the pallets on the floor of the stockroom and off you go. As you begin setting the pallets to be moved with the forklift, you slip and fall. As you try to get up, you realize that something is seriously wrong with your back. This is not what you had in mind when you got up this morning. Read More

Heat & Weather Related Work Injuries

weather related work injuries in PA

weather injuriesEveryone is entitled to a good working environment as well as a safe working environment. This includes safety with equipment as well as safety with weather related injuries that occur at work.

There are many different scenarios at work that can cause a weather related injury. If you are injured at work and believe that it was due to neglectful business practices, you will want to contact an attorney. If you are located in Eastern Pennsylvania you will want to contact Robinson Law.
Read More

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Doylestown Pennsylvania

workers comp attorney

If you have been injured on the job, or were disabled for any reason, you need to know your rights. Workers Compensation Laws and Social Security Disability (SSD) Guidelines can be difficult to understand. If you are dealing with either of these in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania area, you can have an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in your corner. Read More