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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Laws

PA workers comp laws

Understanding the Pennsylvania’s Worker’s Compensation Act can help you get the coverage you need when an injury causes lost wages, disfigurement or need for medical treatment. The list of important facts about workers’ compensation below will help you understand your position, so you can feel confident in your employment situation. Read More

People On the Move – Philadelphia Business Journal

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In the Philadelphia Business Journal on July 2, 2015 Paula Robinson Esq was recognized in the People on the Move Section. It was noted that Paula was received the SmartCEO Esq Award and has receiving her Workers’ Compensation Certification.

Paula Robinson, People on the Move – Philadelphia Business Journal

Choosing Your Dr. and Health Care Providers For Your Work Injury

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Okay, so you had a work injury, and thankfully your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance is covering your medical bills and your lost wages. How do you know who to treat with? Well… Pennsylvania, all employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover their injured workers. Also, employers are supposed to have a list of “Panel Providers” for the injured workers to choose from to treat with. If the employer has such a list, and follows some other related rules regarding the Panel Providers, then the injured worker is required to treat with the chosen Panel Provider for the first 90 (ninety) days. After those initial 90 days, then the injured worker is free to treat with any other Health Care provider for the work injury.

What if your employer does not have Panel Providers, what do you do then? You are free to treat with whomever you want. While a lot of workers first go to their family physician, it is best to be treated by a specialist, say an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist, depending on what your injury is. Also, it is important to have a Dr. who is savvy in the practice of workers’ compensation, as he or she may be called upon to testify in your case. Read More

How Paula Robinson Makes a Difference in Workers’ Compensation

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Paula Robinson has in-depth substantial knowledge and experience in litigating Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases. Currently she concentrates on representing all types of injured workers, since that’s where her passion lies. Paula, therefore, applies her understanding of this section of the law to serve her present clients who are totally disabled or injured workers. She works hard to get the optimum compensation for her clients who have suffered injuries while in the course and scope of employment. In this article, some quick tips about workers’ compensation law in Pennsylvania are outlined below. Read More

SmartCEO 2015 Winner of Law Service Area Firm in Philly

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It’s official – Robinson Law took home the award for 2015 Law Service Area Firm for the Philadelphia CPA & ESQ Awards. The full press release of winners and finalists from SmartCEO is here: Press Release from SmartCEO Magazine.
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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims? Here’s Why

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Injured workers are entitled to compensation for their accepted work injuries, including lost wages and medical treatment. If your Claim is denied, the process of filing a Claim Petition can be involved, lengthy and financially stressful. While some claims are straight forward and easily accepted, as the injury is so obvious, there are times when an injury is not clear cut, with differences of opinion on the part of the Employer, and you, the injured worker. If your Claim has been denied, you owe it to yourself to retain professional help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

There are multiple reasons why an injured worker may have a compensation claim denied and there are ways to help avoid this problem.  Read More

What Happens at a Workers’ Compensation Mediation

litigation vs mediation

If you suffer a work injury, and your case goes before a Workers’ Compensation Judge, [this usually happens if there are issues being argued about, such as non-payment of wage or medical benefits], you will have the opportunity to “mediate” your case through either a Voluntary Mediation or a Mandatory Mediation.  Why would you want to mediate your case?  This is the opportunity for the Employer and you, as the injured worker, to sit down with a Workers’ Compensation Judge to try to settle your case for a lump sum of money, in most cases. Read More

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered In Work Related Injuries For Workers’ Compensation

pre-existing work injuries

An injury or illness is considered to be work-related, if an event or exposure in the work environment contributed to the resulting condition. It may also have significantly aggravated a pre-existing injury or even illness.

An injury or illness is a pre-existing condition if it existed prior to the work-related event or exposure. Most times, pre-existing conditions are asymptomatic, meaning that the individual does not have any ongoing symptoms that prevent them from working or living a normal life. A pre-existing injury may be “significantly aggravated” in the following ways:  Read More

Robinson Law Finalist SmartCEO’s 2015 CPA & ESQ Awards

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PRESS RELEASE: Doylestown, PA  May 22, 2015

Robinson Law LLC is proud to announce their finalist standings for ESQ Award and ESQ Service Area Firm for Philadelphia for 2015 SmartCEO’s CPA & ESQ Awards.  Paula Robinson founded Robinson Law in 2011 to represent injured workers in obtain wage-loss and  medical workers’ compensation benefits.  Ms. Robinson has dedicated her time and energy into her clients and their best interests in understanding the complex and multi-layered process of workers’ compensation claims.  Read More

7 Most Common Workplace Injuries


Let’s face it, people working in different job environments face a wide array of hazards, most of which are not within their control. While there are various job injuries that workers fall at risk of, there are those that are very common and that you may avoid if you had knowledge of. The following are some of the common on the job injuries that you may be at risk of, as per the information from some of the top insurance companies. Read More