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Workers’ Compensation Fraud by Employees

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Most employers know too well the importance of workers’ compensation insurance. Should an employee get injured while on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance will take care of the medical bills and the lost wages while he or she recovers. The employee should not be worried about losing a livelihood if he or she reports the injury, meaning there is less incentive to keep quiet about it. In addition, the employer does not need to be worried about negligence lawsuits, as workers’ compensation is the sole remedy for the injured worker against the employer in Pennsylvania. In spite of these benefits associated with workers’ compensation program, there are still some setbacks: one of them being fraud. Below are some examples of how employees can attempt to commit workers’ compensation fraud.   Read More

How To Choose Your Workers’ Compensation Claimant Attorney

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Cases of employees being injured are likely to occur in any organization or business. When such injuries occur, the workers will often look to their employer or company they work for to pay their lost wages and medical expenses that arise as a result of the injury. These benefits are referred to as workers’ compensation benefits. In Pennsylvania, the law is very clear that employers are to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their injured workers.

Just because a worker suffers a work injury, doesn’t mean that the employer and/or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier will readily agree to accept the injury. Even when an injury is accepted, there is always the certainty that the extent of the disability will be questioned and or challenged eventually. When the challenges come in the employer and/or the workers’ compensation carrier wanting to stop the wage loss and or medical benefits, this is when you need legal representation from a qualified workers’ compensation claimant’s attorney. This is the attorney for the injured worker. The attorney for the employer and their workers’ compensation carrier is referred to as the Defense Counsel.

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Statistics

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Pennsylvania is home to numerous blue collar jobs – unfortunately, this also means that there are a lot of men and women who get injured on the job. Some who get injured while working choose to apply for worker’s compensation, as they are losing wages and need medical care; however many go about it in the wrong way.

Pennsylvania’s acceptance rate for workers’ compensation claims, is unfortunately, notoriously low. In 2014 alone, 3,364 applications were submitted for workers compensation, but only about 33% of them actually ended up being accepted. In 2009, there were over 4.1 million workers who were injured on the job. Read More

Injured Worker Rights with Workers’ Compensation

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In Pennsylvania, the various differing natures of work and work environments pose many dangers to employees. This exposure to risk can result in physical and even mental injury to workers. Statistics in the United States reveal many recorded cases of injured workers that occur in different economic sectors. However, many employees who work these jobs or even employees who are represented in Unions remain ignorant of their rights even after they suffer their work injury. In some instances, some injured workers remain at home relying on the care of their family and their own private health insurance, while their employer and/or their workers’ compensation carrier have ignored or denied your claim. Read More

Workers’ Compensation Litigation Is Complex – Get A Lawyer

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To “litigate” is to take action against something. It is a legal way of attempting to settle controversies among disputing parties. It can be injured workers taking legal action against their employer or a company filing a case against another company. Workers’ compensation litigation can be complex, and a confusing process for injured workers, who in most cases are not aware of the organizational rules and regulations governing workers’ compensation benefits. It is therefore to your advantage that you retain an experienced and qualified lawyer who can represent you in and out of court to ensure that you get the most benefits that you may be entitled to. Read More

Doylestown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Free Consultation

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Workers’ compensation is a system created by the Pennsylvania legislature that allows for the payment of wage loss and medical benefits to workers who are injured or who contract an occupational disease while working in the course and scope of their employment. Thousands of workers are employed in various fields in Doylestown, and many of them unfortunately, at one time or another, suffer accidents on a daily basis. Whether in a warehouse, office, construction site, manufacturing facility, factory, industry, food processing plant, restaurants, retail shops, farms, drilling rig, mines, hospitals, laboratories or nursing homes, work injuries can occur anywhere. If you or a loved one have suffered such a mishap while on your job, you can contact attorneys who handle workers’ compensation cases. Hiring a Doylestown Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help the injured worker to understand the process and fight to have their wage loss and medical bills covered related to the work injury. If not paid voluntarily by the workers’ compensation carrier, it will be necessary for the lawyer to file the necessary Petitions to try to obtain those benefits. A lawyer versed in workers’ compensation law will know what Petitions need to be filed. Some reasons for retaining a workers compensation attorney are- • Determining if you could be entitled to additional compensation by making a third party claim against another entity or person, such as if involved in a work related motor vehicle accident. • Attempting to stop your employer through their workers’ compensation carrier from unjustly attempting to terminate your employment and/or benefits. • Ensuring that you gain the maximum benefits possible from the workers’ compensation carrier for your work injury. • Helping enlist an employment law attorney for retaliatory or discriminatory issues, if any. Benefits of hiring a workers compensation attorney are- • Helping you gain a better understanding of the process, your rights, what benefits could be obtained, choosing the most suited medical providers for the treatment of your particular work injury, and what to realistically expect in benefits and miscellaneous expenses. • Assisting you with completing necessary paperwork that has time deadlines associated with it, protecting your interests, while taking the burden off you, so that you can heal from your injury, and not have to worry about the details. • Obtaining the necessary evidence to support your claim, such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, etc. • Gathering all of the necessary medical evidence to document the relatedness, severity, timing, and intensity of your condition. These factors help in calculating the maximum amount of benefits you may be entitled to. • Negotiating with the insurance companies for the greatest lump sum settlements, with or without some portion of open medicals, depending on the case. Also, detecting whether there are additional benefits that may be due, such as benefits for amputations of limbs, such as fingers, hands, toes, and feet. Given all of the benefits of a Doylestown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, it is evident that hiring one for any work related injury is vastly better than representing yourself. – See more at:

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Safety Training

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The main goal of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Safety Training is to reduce the number of occupational injuries, illnesses, and ensure workers a safe and reliable working environment.

The advantages of work place safety training include, but are not limited to:

• Reduce work-related injuries
• Improve the work environment
• Promote health and safety on the job
• Educate the workers on not only safety, but on how to report a work related injury, and what steps to take to get the necessary medical treatment.

Who needs workers’ compensation safety training? Read More

Allentown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Free Consultation

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Put your interests ahead of your employer. Get a Free Consultation. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation claim procedure can be adversarial and often necessitates the use of an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims.

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Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s Fees

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Many people consider workers’ compensation attorney’s fees as an additional expense that they should avoid. However, you need to understand that the fee paid to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys does not come from your pocket per se, but is deducted from the wage loss benefits you receive. This means that if the attorney has to fight to get you on wage loss benefits, or fight to keep your benefits, or a lump sum settlement is achieved, then the attorney will receive a contingent fee from those benefits. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows for a 20% contingent fee. In our discussion below, we have outlined some reasons as to why you need to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, without the fear of incurring additional out-of-pocket money. Read More

100 Year Anniversary of Workers’ Comp in PA

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The 100 Year Anniversary of Workers’ Comp in PA

The original law was passed on June 2, 1915, to be effective on January 1, 1916, according to the Centennial PA Workers’ Compensation website.  Although many amendments were made over the years, with the latest made in 2007, the law entitles injured workers to wage loss and medical benefits with a “no fault on the part of anyone” platform when an injury is sustained by an individual within the course of employment.  Because of the no fault basis, Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation is the exclusive remedy for employees, with few exceptions, meaning that they cannot civilly sue their employer. Read More