What are Social Security Benefits, Do I qualify?

Benefits for Dependents

What Are Social Security Benefits and How Can You Obtain?

If you first qualify for Social Security Disability benefits yourself, your minor children are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.  These benefits will help you meet your family’s needs while you are disabled from work. 

Social Security Disability provides a monthly payment to your dependent(s) under age 18, if you are the biological or adoptive parent or legal guardian.  The Social Security Disability Dependent benefit is approximately 1/2 of your disability benefits.  For instance, if your benefits are $1,200 per month, your child would get around $600.00.  If you have more children, the monthly benefit would be split among them. 

  • Social Security Disability Dependent benefits stop at age 18, or age 19 if your child is in high school. 
  • Your child can receive full Social Security Disability benefits if he or she has a disabling condition.
  • If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), no child benefit is available.

It may even be possible for dependent parents, a widow-widower, spouse or even divorced spouses of a Social Security Disability recipient to be entitled to disability or survivor benefits.

Robinson Law can consult with you about your particular situation and advise as to your options to get the most benefits for you and your family.