What are the Ten Most Dangerous Jobs In Pennsylvania?

10 Most Dangerous Jobs In Pennsylvania

most dangerous jobs

dangerousWe all feel as if work is going to kill us at times, but for people in the following professions, this feeling is quite literal. Some of these jobs may come as a surprise to you. Let’s have a look at the 10 most dangerous jobs in Pennsylvania.

1. Construction Trades
Roofing, steel work, or a simple siding project, work in the construction field is highly dangerous. One of the top hazards of the construction trade are falls from great heights.

2. Agriculture
Working in the agriculture field, face dangers from many sides. They are exposed to elements both natural and man-made. Chemicals, heat, and heavy machinery are among the top reasons for injury or death for agriculture workers.

3. Forestry
Working in the forestry field are in constant contact with both Mother nature and human designed dangers. The threat of injury from tools of the trade and the numerous dangers of working in the open make this one of the most dangerous jobs in Pennsylvania.

4. Fishing
Fishing may seem like a peaceful way to spend your working hours, but many deep sea fisherman face the dangers of the open sea. The possibility of running into an unexpected storm, falls overboard, and machinery failure, can wreak havoc on the well-being of a fisherman.

5. Hunting
Believe it or not, hunting is more than a hobby for some. All of the dangers that go along with hunting for sport transfer over to the profession.

6. Transportation
Any job that requires you to travel for large chunks of time, puts your profession on the most dangerous list. This hazard applies to delivery drivers, truckers, and pilots as they go about their daily duties.

7. Mining
Working underground carries its own risks, but add to that the tools of the trade and you have an explosive situation on your hands. The mining profession carries with it the risk of death and injury by cave-ins, explosives, and electrocution.

8. Civic Service
(Firefighters and Police)
The dangers associated with civic service jobs may seem obvious. In addition to injury or death by suffocation (firemen) or gunshot (police), there also exists the dangers that apply to transportation jobs. High speed driving is a part of both of these civic service jobs.

9. Electrical Work
Electrical work in any form is highly hazardous to your health. An employee may be working on downed power lines, or simply repairing a single wire in a house. In either case, the threat of electrocution or falls from great heights are factors to watch out for.

10. Maintenance
Many maintenance jobs, including road repair and utility work carry dangers of their own as well. In addition to being exposed to traffic dangers, maintenance workers have to contend with the dangers of gas explosions or injury caused by high powered tools.

There are many work related accidents that are unavoidable. If you work in any of these professions or one of dozens more, you need to learn how to protect yourself in case of an accident. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and always have a back-up plan.